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  • Creator

    für specific projects (cf. Approach backlog)


    Library of sparkling new and most central, already existing dG transformation elements


    • Researching, creating, authoring new (and previously missing) elements and approaches

    • Collecting, selecting, compiling, crafting descriptions of our approach, our mindset, our proceedings, our tools

  • Ecosystem Partner Relais

    für Stefan, Ewa


    A lively and mutually beneficial relationship between dG and ecosystem partners


    • Scheduling regular talks (at least once a year) w/ respective ecosystem partner to evaluate relation and potential

    • Acting as Rep link for respective ecosystem partner, for tensions concerning the partnership

    • Granting discounts for a specific public training to respective ecosystem partner after integrating feedback of Pricing Strategy and the role organizing the event

    • Processing tensions of dG as an organization with the respective partner

    • Inviting and removing respective partner to and from relevant slack channels as determined in ecosystem partnership

    • Pitching relevant roles to publish and remove a website profile of ecosystem partner when beneficial to client projects

    • Inviting and removing ecosystem partner to and from relevant staff folders on g-drive

    • Deciding about when to start and end an ecosystem partnership

    • Pitching relevant role to provide a dG email address if beneficial to client projects

  • Engagement Lead

    für specific projects


    Awesome management and coordination of consulting projects


    • Contacting current leads (=potential clients) on request by Staffing Sparring

    • Publishing client requests on Slack to allow for challenging by Do or Die

    • Developing cutting-edge proposals (incl. pricing in accordance with Pricing Strategy) upon request of a customer.

    • Selecting suitable Evolutionary Catalyst or Project Partners for client projects after integrating feedback of Staffing Sparring

    • Deciding the staffing of specific workshops within the project, based on transparent decision criteria

    • Contracting with the clients on an ongoing basis to align expectations & logistics and adjust agreements as engagement needs evolve, saving related documents/emails projects

    • Forecasting needed consulting resources and sharing relevant information with all Evolutionary Catalyst or external Catalysts "Project Partners" involved in the project - prior to project launch and throughout project

    • Scheduling and facilitating regular staff meetings 1) for mutual updating of project-relevant information in the particular project staff and 2) for developing/improving the quality of the consulting strategy/work in a particular consulting project 3) for learning purposes & know-how transfer

    • Storing relevant project documents and emails directly on dG Google drive preferably in Google-doc format under the respective project folder

    • Providing relevant odoo data to Project Backbone (Accounts, Projects, Sales Order Information)

    • Setting up initial project and governance structure according to policy "Large Staff project in Glassfrog"

    • Acting as by default Ecosystem Partner Relais for Project Partners invited into projects for the first time.

    • Informing Ecosystem Partner Relais Shepherd about new Project Partners and add relevant data to the project partner list.

    • Adding and updating opportunities in Odoo Pre-Sales Module, creating MVP-Sales Order(s) after proposal is confirmed by client

  • Evolutionary Catalyst

    für specific projects


    Cutting - edge consultancy services with impact for the client system


    • supporting the Engagement Lead in developing client-related documents e.g. crafting offers, proposals, design, photo protocol etc.

    • making all client related documents (e.g. offers, proposals, design, photo protocol etc.) accessible and findable using project structure on the dG Google Drive provided by Project Backbone

    • providing and facilitating excellent consultancy services

    • reflecting regulary the quality of delivery and the relationship with clients through peer to peer reviews inside dG and/or external coaching

    • building relationships with potential clients to acquire new project opportunities that fit to dGs purpose

    • leveraging contacts for dG initiatives

    • updating available days for client and staffing work in the open days calendar (see confluence).

  • Holacracy and beyond


    Transformative consulting and trainings that transmit Holacracy and other structured organisational frameworks like SoulOS or Sociocracy 3.0 and catalyze the capacities it requires.


    • Decision whether public and in-house trainings, incl. intro workshops, take place

    • Pricing for public and in-house Holacracy trainings and workshops


    • Designing experiential Holacracy trainings and workshops to introduce the Holacracy system and develop the skills needed to practice and implement it effectively

    • Publishing a pricing model for public and in-house Holacracy PTs and Intro-Workshops

    • Creating visibility of our activities on the market in alignment with Brand Movement

    • Scheduling, offering, and delivering Holacracy skill-building trainings given market demand

    • Aligning activities with agreements specified through licensing contracts with HolacracyOne

    • Providing Holacracy learning opportunities for dG and it´s eco-system.

    • Delivering requested services to clients at cutting-edge standards in the field of structured organisational frameworks like Holacracy, SoulOS or Sociocracy 3.0

    • Developing and maintaining sustainable client relationships with clients in the field of structured organisational frameworks like Holacracy, SoulOS or Sociocracy 3.0

    • Developing dG's approach towards structured organisational frameworks like Holacracy, SoulOS or Sociocracy 3.0

  • Project Backbone

    für specific projects


    sustainable and efficient project administration


    • Updating Odoo according to guidelines published by Quarterback with all project relevant information (i.e. creating SO for the upcoming three months, accounts, projects, workshops, etc) for confirmed projects until the 10th of every month

    • Providing project structure on the dG Google Drive under the corresponding folder and instructing involved roles and project partners to make all project related documents (e.g. offers, proposals, design, Photo protocol etc.) accessible and findable there

    • Providing Sales Order number (SO number) and terms of business like daily rate or travel cost to involved roles and project partners by end of month at the latest

    • Checking and forwarding incoming invoices and expenses of external partners (project partners) to Accounting

    • Informing external partners about the expense process including deadlines and reminding them about the deadlines

    • Sending invoices to clients

    • Checking and validating information in Odoo before an invoice is created (e.g. timesheets if entered)

    • Reminding clients to pay outstanding invoices after checking invoices list provided by Controller (after coordinating with Account Orchestrating and Engagement Lead if applicable)

    • Triggering Controller to send a formal dunning letter to client if necessary

  • nextcommunity

    für production leader exchange


    vivid nextland community


    • hosting & developing events, with participants from various organizations (more than 1), excluding public training events & events which are specially taking care of by other roles or circles (eg. next:pedition)


dwarfs and Giants is a loved brand enabling deep transformation by countless 1-to-many interactions

  • Website Manager

    für Backup


    Awesome up-to-date homepage


    • Coordinating and contracting external suppliers for hosting and backup structure, technical advancement and design of website

    • Developing and maintaining a clear structure

    • Publishing web content such as personal profiles, events, articles/updates etc. both pro-actively as well as on trigger of other roles

    • Analysing traffic and user behaviour on dG website and actively optimizing structure and content


Transformative consulting and trainings that transmit Holacracy and other structured organisational frameworks like SoulOS or Sociocracy 3.0 and catalyze the capacities it requires.

  • Holacracy Business Development


    Nicht spezifiziert


    • Contacting and speaking to potential Holacracy implementation clients

    • Informing about our upcoming public PTs and Intro WS to potential clients

    • Informing PT & Intro Wheeler and Dealer of specific group target intro workshop opportunities and expect number of participants to trigger preparation from relevant HTC roles if needbe

  • Holacracy Coach


    Exquisite Holacracy coaching skills available


    • Maintaining basic competencies in dG service delivery's virtual meetings support tools

    • Coaching client circle members on Holacracy rules and effective practice as-needed during governance and tactical meetings

    • Raising objections and helping clients integrate them whenever clients propose clearly invalid governance, and providing follow up coaching to clients

    • Facilitating virtual and in-person governance and tactical meetings

    • Summarizing key developments about client services and learnings to other Holacracy Coaches

    • Co-creating customized Holacracy practices and apps with our clients and making them available in the dG Library App.

  • Holacracy Engagement Lead

    für specific projects


    Awesome management of Holacracy Implementation Clients


    • Reporting all client billable activity in a timely manner

    • Sharing client context and key engagement learnings among Holacracy delivery roles

    • Triaging on-site logistical setup issues to support the engagement and optimizing virtual support set-ups as-needed

    • Orienting & debriefing Master Coaches and Holacracy Coaches upon their request

    • Contracting with clients on an ongoing basis to align expectations and adjust agreements as engagement needs evolve

    • Sharing the intended implementation activities with relevant roles and delivery resources prior to an engagement launch

    • Soliciting client permission to make public their story of adopting Holacracy and publishing client's current permission status to Brand Movement

    • Triggering H1 Interface to request Master Coach support

    • Filling out Licensing Fee Tracking and Client Engagements documents for ongoing projects by the end of each month

    • Scheduling and facilitating regular staff meetings 1) for mutual updating of project-relevant data in the particular project staff and 2) for developing/improving the quality of the implementation strategy/work in a particular implementation project

    • Collecting recommendations and feedback of Hola Abuzz before negotiating inhouse PT setup (duration, participant number, location, etc.) with clients, including information about staffing resources and preferences.

    • Supporting clients in further developing their organization beyond mechanical self sufficiency, e.g. by offering guidance for development of Holacracy apps.

    • Establishing and coordinating a structured way for clients secretaries to book facilitation slots with implementation staff facilitators.

    • Offering and negotiating inhouse PTs after integrating requirements and recommendations from PT Trainer and Customer Facing Circle

    • Filling out the PT order form for Holacracy and beyond in order to trigger PT & Intro Wheeler and Dealer to coordinate all prep activities

    • Offering and negotiating tickets for upcoming public PTs to client organisations integrating requirements and recommendations from PT & Intro Wheeler and Dealer and Holacracy and beyond

  • Holacracy Presenter


    Well-delivered intro workshops that invite individuals to explore Holacracy more deeply


    • Delivering intro workshops, using workshop designs created by Holacracy Training & Workshop Design

    • Tweaking template slide decks and designs to optimize delivery of each specific intro workshop and integrate learnings from delivery

    • Setting up and tearing down workshop venue; unpacking and packing workshop materials as provided by PT and Intro Supplies and Operations

    • Triaging and resolving venue-related logistical issues during public and private events

    • Greeting and hosting participants

    • Briefing PT Support on-site

  • Holacracy Training & Workshop Design


    Enable deep Holacracy transmission through awesome training and workshop programs and materials


    • Designing and evolving packaged training and workshop offerings that develop the capacities required to introduce, practice, and coach Holacracy effectively

    • Defining and evolving training and workshop environment, room setup, and logistical needs for each training offering

    • Designing outlines and high-level specs for slides, simulations, and other support materials needed for training and intro offerings

    • Maintaining a list of training and intro materials needed, including links to current versions and anticipated update timeline

    • Defining and publishing a definitive source of pre-requisites for trainings

    • Triggering PT and Intro Supplies and Operations when updated materials are ready for production

    • Knowledge management and documentation system of holacracy training materials and documents

  • Holacracy and Beyond Visibility Creator

    für 5 new things in 5.0


    dwarfs and Giants is known and attractive for it's Holacracy and Beyond purpose and offerings


    • Writing publications, blog posts to share dGs experience and practice in expressing experience with Holacracy and other self-org frameworks

    • Aligning publication work with Brand Movement and our Rivera Strategy

  • Lead Link


    Transformative consulting and trainings that transmit Holacracy and other structured organisational frameworks like SoulOS or Sociocracy 3.0 and catalyze the capacities it requires.


    • Rollenzuweisungen innerhalb des Kreises


    • Zuordnen von Partnern zu Rollen des Kreises; Überwachen der Passung; Anbieten von Feedbacks, um die Passung zu verbessern; und Neuübertragen von Rollen an andere Partner, wenn dies sinnvoll ist, um die Passung zu verbessern

    • Zuteilen der Ressourcen des Kreises zu den verschiedenen Projekten und/oder Rollen

    • Einrichten von Prioritäten und Strategien für den Kreis

    • Definieren von Kennzahlen für den Kreis

    • Strukturieren der Governance des Kreises, um seinen Purpose und seine Accountabilities zu realisieren

    • Aufheben von Einschränkungen innerhalb des Kreises gegenüber dem Super-Kreis, um seinen Purpose und seine Accountabilities zu realisieren

  • PT Lead Coach

    für specific inhouse PTs


    Flawless performance of Facilitator Coach Team at PTs


    • Orienting, guiding, and supporting coaches on-site, and leveraging their support

    • Guiding coaches through setup in allignment with PT Support on-site

    • Orienting coaches prior to the training, including sending any relevant preparation materials and answering coach questions

    • Co-coaching when needed

    • Observing coaches in simulation and training sessions, capturing observations regarding competency level and need for further development.

    • Sharing comments and insights during modules and other activities to add value to participants' learning

    • Forwarding individual feedback from participants to the coaches after feedback survey is closed and published internally by PT & Intro Participant Interface

  • PT Trainer

    für temporary


    Transformative training experiences that transmit Holacracy and its underlying new paradigm


    • Delivering training content to event participants at standard training offerings

    • Tweaking template slide decks and designs to optimize delivery of each specific training and integrate learnings from delivery

    • Directing the on-site delivery team as-needed to support overall training quality needs

    • Monitoring training delivery and providing Holacracy Training & Workshop Design with input for development and improvement of training setup and design standards

    • Organizing fire side talks with representatives from (local) organizations, running on holacracy to share their experiences with adoption and daily practices - as an evening activity during the PT.


smooth operations in the areas of travel, technical and material infrastructure, legal topics and back office activities that support the work of dG members thoroughly and sustainably

being a healthy financial backbone for dG, ensuring liquidity at all times

  • G-Drive Curator


    A well-curated, self-explanatory G-Drive folder structure


    • Curating and maintaining a top level folder structure within the dG Team folder that supports clarity and ease in finding information

    • consulting circles and roles in creating and maintaining a useful folder structure on their own

  • IT Infrastructure


    Lean, stable and secure IT infrastructure


    • placement of orders with IT second level support

    • Tools and procedures for backup and syncing


    • establishing and maintaining a state-of-the-art, lean and preferrably cloud-based IT infrastructure

    • releasing sync tools between G Suite and devices on request; providing documentation of released tools

    • Activating all relevant software accounts for new partners and deleting accounts after exit of partners.

  • dG Slack Curator


    A well-curated, self-explanatory internal slack structure


    • Curating and maintaining a channel setup in dG's internal Slack that supports clarity and ease in finding information

    • adding and maintaining useful slack integrations (i.e. glassfrog integration)


Deep transformation in the personal and tribe space

  • Füllt keine Rollen

ever growing competencies

  • Development Compass

    für Steffen


    A personal development journey for dG members


    • Delivering the on boarding process (based on a guideline by Mentoring Calibration) for new members to self-organize in the dG world quickly

    • Supporting a new member to channel and process tensions on request

    • Organizing monthly Checkpoints with members to reflect on the match of organizational and individual needs

    • Coaching the person in focus (pro-) actively with regards to possible, recommendable, desired personnel development activities including purpose fit, individual challenges, resource steering and learning opportunities

    • Supporting a member to dance the act of balance that is needed to stay healthy and fulfill organizational needs.

    • Providing professional leadership to Evo Cats around professional consulting work

    • Harvesting feedback from relevant roles to collect organizational view for Checkpoints

    • Providing tasks to member in focus which are of relevance for realizing dG's purpose and supporting the partner's personal development.

    • Acting as "Absence Interface" for dg members who are currently on short-work, sick leave or other forms of part-time leave

  • Holacracy Competencies Buddy

    für Steffen, Anna


    Easy and smooth competence build up for holacracy newbies


    • supporting Holacracy newbies in focus in building up Holacracy knowledge and abilities in a short time

    • scheduling regular sessions to support tensions harvesting, channeling of tensions, crafting of proposals and to answer questions related to Holacracy for Holacracy newbies


Well energized and aligned Partners of the Organization and Members of the Association

  • Access to IT Tools


    Members access to our fundamental IT tools is well administered


    • informing IT Infrastructure about dG members needs for fundamental IT tools related to Member-Partner communications (e.g. email, slack), file storage (e.g. Google Drive), videoconferencing systems (e.g. Google Meet, Zoom) and office software (i.e. MS Office)

    • activating or deactvating accounts / access rights for fundamental IT Tools for new & transitioning dG members after beeing triggered by dG development space or Offboarding and Transitioning Support

  • Holacracy Competencies Steward


    dwarfs and Giants mastering the art of Holacracy practice in a brilliant manner


    • monitoring Holacracy competencies and relevant learning activities (e.g. annual continuing education requirement to maintain coach status), providing a clear overview for the whole organization

    • supporting partners in building up deep Holacracy knowledge and abilities

    • providing structure for jointly reflecting and harvesting of Holacracy knowledge, tensions harvesting, proposal crafting

    • organizing lessons learned sessions with Holacracy Competencies Buddy to integrate feedback and learnings