Inspiring Holacracy trainings and workshops scheduled, key resources staffed, prep flowing, and profitability optimized

  • Decision whether public and in-house trainings, incl. intro workshops, take place

  • Pricing for public intro workshops

  • Pricing model for public and in-house trainings

  • Defining target regions/dates/number of participants for Holacracy trainings (incl. intro workshops) and communicating these informations to relevant roles

  • Triggering Brand Movement to publish and promote our public holacracy events, and to linie up all event-related logistics and manage registration of participants for public trainings

  • Triggering Inhouse training interface and admin, Event Supplies and Operations and Facilitator Coach Contracting to get prep flowing when new trainings are confirmed, or existing trainings modified

  • Optimizing pricing, discount options, and expenditures to maximize training profitability including canceling or reducing trainings as needed in order to avoid loss, including defining training budgets as needed

  • Scheduling Trainer and Lead Coach on-site with calendar and travel constraints of those role-fillers, prior to confirming and opening the training

  • Filling out revenues for public trainings by the end of each month in H1 Licensing Fee Tracking spreadsheet


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