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  • Creator

    für specific projects (cf. Approach backlog)


    Cutting edge content for our dG approach library


    • Researching, creating, authoring new (and previously missing) elements and approaches upon request

    • Regularly harvesting expert knowledge (e.g. methodology, best practices, workshop designs) about transformation work in confluence as raw material for our dG approach library

  • Ecosystem Partner Relais

    für Monika


    A lively and mutually beneficial relationship between dG and ecosystem partners


    • Scheduling regular talks (at least once a year) w/ respective ecosystem partner to evaluate relation and potential

    • Acting as Rep link for respective ecosystem partner, for tensions concerning the partnership

    • Granting discounts for a specific public training to respective ecosystem partner after integrating feedback of Pricing Strategy and the role organizing the event

    • Processing tensions of dG as an organization with the respective partner

    • Inviting and removing respective partner to and from relevant slack channels as determined in ecosystem partnership

    • Pitching relevant roles to publish and remove a website profile of ecosystem partner when beneficial to client projects

    • Inviting and removing ecosystem partner to and from relevant staff folders on g-drive

    • Deciding about when to start and end an ecosystem partnership

    • Pitching relevant role to provide a dG email address if beneficial to client projects

  • Engagement Lead

    für specific projects


    Awesome management and coordination of consulting projects


    • Contacting current leads (=potential clients) on request by Staffing Sparring

    • Publishing client requests on Slack to allow for challenging by Do or Die

    • Developing cutting-edge proposals (incl. pricing in accordance with Pricing Strategy) upon request of a customer.

    • Selecting suitable Evolutionary Catalyst or Project Partners for client projects after integrating feedback of Staffing Sparring

    • Deciding the staffing of specific workshops within the project, based on transparent decision criteria

    • Contracting with the clients on an ongoing basis to align expectations & logistics and adjust agreements as engagement needs evolve, saving related documents/emails projects

    • Forecasting needed consulting resources and sharing relevant information with all Evolutionary Catalyst or external Catalysts "Project Partners" involved in the project - prior to project launch and throughout project

    • Scheduling and facilitating regular staff meetings 1) for mutual updating of project-relevant information in the particular project staff and 2) for developing/improving the quality of the consulting strategy/work in a particular consulting project 3) for learning purposes & know-how transfer

    • Storing relevant project documents and emails directly on dG Google drive preferably in Google-doc format under the respective project folder

    • Providing relevant odoo data to Project Backbone (Accounts, Projects, Sales Order Information)

    • Setting up initial project and governance structure according to policy "Large Staff project in Glassfrog"

    • Acting as by default Ecosystem Partner Relais for Project Partners invited into projects for the first time.

    • Informing Ecosystem Partner Relais Shepherd about new Project Partners and add relevant data to the project partner list.

    • Adding and updating opportunities in Odoo Pre-Sales Module, creating MVP-Sales Order(s) after proposal is confirmed by client

  • Evolutionary Catalyst

    für specific projects


    Cutting - edge consultancy services with impact for the client system


    • supporting the Engagement Lead in developing client-related documents e.g. crafting offers, proposals, design, photo protocol etc.

    • making all client related documents (e.g. offers, proposals, design, photo protocol etc.) accessible and findable using project structure on the dG Google Drive provided by Project Backbone

    • providing and facilitating excellent consultancy services

    • reflecting regulary the quality of delivery and the relationship with clients through peer to peer reviews inside dG and/or external coaching

    • building relationships with potential clients to acquire new project opportunities that fit to dGs purpose

    • leveraging contacts for dG initiatives

    • updating available days for client and staffing work in the open days calendar (see confluence).

  • Project Backbone

    für specific projects


    sustainable and efficient project administration


    • Updating Odoo according to guidelines published by Quarterback with all project relevant information (i.e. creating SO for the upcoming three months, accounts, projects, workshops, etc) for confirmed projects until the 10th of every month

    • Providing project structure on the dG Google Drive under the corresponding folder and instructing involved roles and project partners to make all project related documents (e.g. offers, proposals, design, Photo protocol etc.) accessible and findable there

    • Providing Sales Order number (SO number) and terms of business like daily rate or travel cost to involved roles and project partners by end of month at the latest

    • Checking and forwarding incoming invoices and expenses of external partners (project partners) to Accounting

    • Informing external partners about the expense process including deadlines and reminding them about the deadlines

    • Sending invoices to clients

    • Checking and validating information in Odoo before an invoice is created (e.g. timesheets if entered)

    • Reminding clients to pay outstanding invoices after checking invoices list provided by Controller (after coordinating with Account Orchestrating and Engagement Lead if applicable)

    • Triggering Controller to send a formal dunning letter to client if necessary

  • Secretary


    Betreuung und Stabilisierung der formalen Aufzeichnungen des Kreises und des Protokoll-Prozesses.


    • Alle von der Verfassung geforderten Aufzeichnungen des Kreises


    • Planen der vom Kreis geforderten Meetings und benachrichtigen aller Kreismitglieder über die eingeplanten Zeiten und Orte

    • Erfassen und Veröffentlichen der Ergebnisse der für den Kreis definierten Meetings und Verwaltung einer zusammenfassenden Sicht der aktuellen Governance, von Checklisten-Punkten und Kennzahlen des Kreises.

    • Interpretieren von Governance und Verfassung auf Anfrage

    • providing updated templates for circle metrics and reminding circle members to complete metrics before a tactical meeting


dwarfs and Giants is a loved brand enabling deep transformation by countless 1-to-many interactions

  • Editor

    für CSC / Offers


    Linguistically flawless dG publications and materials


    • Proofreading of dG material for both print and digital publication - either with own resources or by contracting external editor - on request of any dG role

    • Processing of necessary edits/corrections (either internal or with external designer), collecting updated versions and triggering relevant roles like Corporate Design or Website Manager to publish materials

    • Crafting recommendations and "rules of thumb" for consistent spelling & wording on dG materials in coordination with Corporate Design

    • Doing pre-production spellchecks after trigger by Brand material production


Transformative consulting and trainings that transmit Holacracy and other structured organisational frameworks like SoulOS or Sociocracy 3.0 and catalyze the capacities it requires.

  • Holacracy Developer

    für translation 5.0


    Excellent Holacracy services through professional instruments


    • Updating and designing our set of Holacracy methods, standards and documents regularly incl. translation of available materials

    • Driving product development for Holacracy Consulting Services, by making use of experiences of Holacracy Coach

    • Providing and maintaining an Implementation Process Improvement Backlog

    • Triggering Brand Movement for continued processing or direct publishing of produced materials

  • Holacracy Training & Workshop Design

    für PT 5.0


    Enable deep Holacracy transmission through awesome training and workshop programs and materials


    • Designing and evolving packaged training and workshop offerings that develop the capacities required to introduce, practice, and coach Holacracy effectively

    • Defining and evolving training and workshop environment, room setup, and logistical needs for each training offering

    • Designing outlines and high-level specs for slides, simulations, and other support materials needed for training and intro offerings

    • Maintaining a list of training and intro materials needed, including links to current versions and anticipated update timeline

    • Defining and publishing a definitive source of pre-requisites for trainings

    • Triggering PT and Intro Supplies and Operations when updated materials are ready for production

    • Knowledge management and documentation system of holacracy training materials and documents

  • PT Facilitator Coach


    Holacracy practice role-modeled during trainings


    • Facilitating tactical and governance meetings at trainings

    • Coaching participants during facilitation practice at trainings

    • Setting up the room and collect all materials (when finished) at the direction of Holacracy and beyond

    • Listening to modules during the training to prepare to facilitate

    • Following the direction of any training delivery roles to support the training, including promptly directing participants to the next activity when requested

    • Playing 'the world' during simulation work time at practitioner trainings by following the guidance documented by Holacracy Training & Workshop Design

    • Participating in training staff reflection and debriefing sessions during the training

    • Contributing to improving the PT delivery by sharing ideas and pointing out mistakes in training materials (e.g. via a shared google document to gather improvements provided by PT Support on-site )


Awesome and customer wowing cutting edge Next:Land programm

  • next:Coach


    Team learning experience reflection


    • Providing information to next:guide spokesperson about observations in teams and their progress

    • Facilitating team meetings or supervision settings if requested by the respective team

    • Observing and reflecting in the Team-meetings

    • Recurring re-contracting with Team in order to enhance learning experience


Well energized and aligned Partners of the Organization and Members of the Association

  • Holacracy Competencies Buddy

    für Florian, Gregor


    Easy and smooth competence build up for holacracy newbies


    • supporting Holacracy newbies in focus in building up Holacracy knowledge and abilities in a short time

    • scheduling regular sessions to support tensions harvesting, channeling of tensions, crafting of proposals and to answer questions related to Holacracy for Holacracy newbies