Rewriting the future of organization - Catalyzing the evolution of wholesome organizations.

  • People Agreement Updater

    für until March 18, 2020


    Nicht spezifiziert


    • People Agreement


    • Interpreting terms, conditions and requirements of dwarfs and Giants' People Agreement as needed

    • Integrating tensions of Anchor Circle members and updating dwarfs and Giants' People Agreement as needed

    • Harvesting and tracking decisions in team supervision and integrating them into People Agreement


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  • Creator

    für specific projects (cf. Approach backlog)


    Cutting edge content for our dG approach library


    • Researching, creating, authoring new (and previously missing) elements and approaches upon request

    • Regularly harvesting expert knowledge (e.g. methodology, best practices, workshop designs) about transformation work in confluence as raw material for our dG approach library

  • Do or Die

    für primary


    Clearly focused project selection


    • Challenging new project requests based on DO or DIE criteria

    • Making transparent in the dedicated Slack channel how the challenge maps with the criteria

    • Creating transparency on resource availability of Evolutionary Catalyst for project delivery

  • Engagement Lead

    für specific projects


    Awesome management and coordination of consulting projects


    • Contacting current leads (=potential clients) on request by Staffing Sparring

    • Publishing client requests on Slack to allow for challenging by Do or Die

    • Developing cutting-edge proposals (incl. pricing in accordance with Pricing Strategy) upon request of a customer.

    • Selecting suitable Evolutionary Catalyst or Project Partners for client projects after integrating feedback of Staffing Sparring

    • Deciding the staffing of specific workshops within the project, based on transparent decision criteria

    • Contracting with the clients on an ongoing basis to align expectations & logistics and adjust agreements as engagement needs evolve, saving related documents/emails projects

    • Forecasting needed consulting resources and sharing relevant information with all Evolutionary Catalyst or external Catalysts "Project Partners" involved in the project - prior to project launch and throughout project

    • Scheduling and facilitating regular staff meetings 1) for mutual updating of project-relevant information in the particular project staff and 2) for developing/improving the quality of the consulting strategy/work in a particular consulting project 3) for learning purposes & know-how transfer

    • Storing relevant project documents and emails directly on dG Google drive preferably in Google-doc format under the respective project folder

    • Providing relevant odoo data to Project Backbone (Accounts, Projects, Sales Order Information)

    • Setting up initial project and governance structure according to policy "Large Staff project in Glassfrog"

    • Acting as by default Ecosystem Partner Relais for Project Partners invited into projects for the first time.

    • Informing Ecosystem Partner Relais Shepherd about new Project Partners and add relevant data to the project partner list.

    • Adding and updating opportunities in Odoo Pre-Sales Module, creating MVP-Sales Order(s) after proposal is confirmed by client

    • Making agreements regarding the daily rate with involved project partners - taking into account the current Ecosystem Partnership Framework - and integration of feedback from Pricing Strategy, if required.

  • Evolutionary Catalyst

    für specific projects


    Cutting - edge consultancy services with impact for the client system


    • supporting the Engagement Lead in developing client-related documents e.g. crafting offers, proposals, design, photo protocol etc.

    • making all client related documents (e.g. offers, proposals, design, photo protocol etc.) accessible and findable using project structure on the dG Google Drive provided by Project Backbone

    • providing and facilitating excellent consultancy services

    • reflecting regulary the quality of delivery and the relationship with clients through peer to peer reviews inside dG and/or external coaching

    • building relationships with potential clients to acquire new project opportunities that fit to dGs purpose

    • leveraging contacts for dG initiatives

  • Program Driver

    für next:coaching


    Great year trainings that touch and excite our clients


    • Providing a scope for respective (new) trainings, bringing into the focus-process, and after go-signal, setting up the staffing and delivery

    • Monitoring product-market fit, integrating relevant market feedback, updating the rough scope if useful

    • Developing & iterating Communications & Sales strategy for the respective training formats

    • Informing relevant roles to co-create event-page on the website, social media promotion strategy, design materials, etc.

    • Troubleshooting: Coordinating special offers & situations

    • Maintaining the Confluence event template page with all relevant data

  • Project Backbone

    für specific projects


    sustainable and efficient project administration


    • Updating Odoo according to guidelines published by Quarterback with all project relevant information (i.e. creating SO for the upcoming three months, accounts, projects, workshops, etc) for confirmed projects until the 10th of every month

    • Providing project structure on the dG Google Drive under the corresponding folder and instructing involved roles and project partners to make all project related documents (e.g. offers, proposals, design, Photo protocol etc.) accessible and findable there

    • Providing Sales Order number (SO number) and terms of business like daily rate or travel cost to involved roles and project partners by end of month at the latest

    • Checking and forwarding incoming invoices and expenses of external partners (project partners) to Basic Financial Bee

    • Informing external partners about the expense process including deadlines and reminding them about the deadlines

    • Sending invoices to clients

    • Checking and validating information in Odoo before an invoice is created (e.g. timesheets if entered)

    • Reminding clients to pay outstanding invoices after checking invoices list provided by Controller (after coordinating with Account Orchestrating and Engagement Lead if applicable)

    • Triggering Controller to send a formal dunning letter to client if necessary

  • nMaps Admin


    nMaps smoothly processed


    • Setting up nMap processes and providing report data on request


Rewriting the future of organization. Catalyzing the evolution of wholesome organizations.

  • People Operations Circle


    Well energized and aligned Partners of the Organization and Members of the Association


    • Association Member Relationships

    • Enterprise Meet-ups

    • Partner Relationships


    • Aligning the needs of the People Context with the needs of the Organization

    • Implementing and evolving processes to monitor and enhance Fit-for-Enterprise for all Partners

    • Assessing and granting Membership to the Company, Organization and Association

    • Onboarding new Members into the Organization and Association

    • Scheduling Enterprise Meet-ups that optimize resource allocation (Membership Units, Focus Time, Travel and Venue Costs) while maximizing Member attendance, role working opportunities and Association interaction.


dwarfs and Giants is a loved brand enabling deep transformation by countless 1-to-many interactions

  • Speaker

    für Freiräume 2022


    Spreading dG's purpose through inspiring talks


    • Holding inspiring speeches that share dG insights and strengthen the brand of dG

    • Informing circle ahead of time about upcoming event participations worth spreading by posting event & date on #tealevents Slack channel, triggering Social Media & Digital Content Creator to publish date on dG channels and sharing live pictures/updates from the event itself (if possible)

  • Story Writer

    für Article: "Purpose"


    Codifying dG experience and practice into inspiring publications


    • Writing publications, blog posts to share dGs experience and practice in expressing our purpose

    • Publishing content on individual channel (e.g. LinkedIn Blog, Medium Account) or triggering Website Coordinator & Editor to publish content on dG website

    • Sending link(s) to Social Media & Digital Content Creator in order to disseminate content on dG public channels, regardless of platform (individual or dG)


Transformative consulting and trainings that transmit Holacracy and other structured organisational frameworks like SoulOS or Sociocracy 3.0 and catalyze the capacities it requires.

  • H1 Interface


    Wholesome cooperation with Holacracy One


    • Contracts with Holacracy One


    • Networking with Holacracy One, providing visibility at Holacracy One for dG-partners filling Holacracy Coach role

    • Acting as major communicator towards Holacracy One

    • Negotiating terms of contracts and enacting all duties required of HolacracyOne through licensing contracts

    • Keeping relevant roles in Customer Facing Circle up to date regarding developments at Holacracy One

    • Reporting on new Holacracy leads to HolacracyOne

  • Holacracy 5.0 Fertilizer


    dG adopted Holacracy constitution 5.0 internally and in it's client products in a way that leverages our systemic foundations


    • Developing an adoption strategy for Holacracy 5.0 for this circle, dG overall and our products

    • Triggering relevant roles like Holacracy Developer or holacracy competency steward to integrate 5.0 into their role work

    • Acting as a sparring partner in regards to Holacracy 5.0

  • Holacracy Business Development


    Nicht spezifiziert


    • Contacting and speaking to potential Holacracy implementation clients

    • Informing about our upcoming public PTs and Intro WS to potential clients

    • Informing PT & Intro Wheeler and Dealer of specific group target intro workshop opportunities and expect number of participants to trigger preparation from relevant HTC roles if needbe

  • Holacracy Coach


    Exquisite Holacracy coaching skills available


    • Maintaining basic competencies in dG service delivery's virtual meetings support tools

    • Coaching client circle members on Holacracy rules and effective practice as-needed during governance and tactical meetings

    • Raising objections and helping clients integrate them whenever clients propose clearly invalid governance, and providing follow up coaching to clients

    • Facilitating virtual and in-person governance and tactical meetings

    • Summarizing key developments about client services and learnings to other Holacracy Coaches

    • Co-creating customized Holacracy practices and apps with our clients and making them available in the dG Library App.

  • Holacracy Engagement Lead

    für specific projects


    Awesome management of Holacracy Implementation Clients


    • Reporting all client billable activity in a timely manner

    • Sharing client context and key engagement learnings among Holacracy delivery roles

    • Triaging on-site logistical setup issues to support the engagement and optimizing virtual support set-ups as-needed

    • Orienting & debriefing Master Coaches and Holacracy Coaches upon their request

    • Contracting with clients on an ongoing basis to align expectations and adjust agreements as engagement needs evolve

    • Sharing the intended implementation activities with relevant roles and delivery resources prior to an engagement launch

    • Soliciting client permission to make public their story of adopting Holacracy and publishing client's current permission status to Brand Movement

    • Triggering H1 Interface to request Master Coach support

    • Filling out Licensing Fee Tracking and Client Engagements documents for ongoing projects by the end of each month

    • Scheduling and facilitating regular staff meetings 1) for mutual updating of project-relevant data in the particular project staff and 2) for developing/improving the quality of the implementation strategy/work in a particular implementation project

    • Collecting recommendations and feedback of Hola Abuzz before negotiating inhouse PT setup (duration, participant number, location, etc.) with clients, including information about staffing resources and preferences.

    • Supporting clients in further developing their organization beyond mechanical self sufficiency, e.g. by offering guidance for development of Holacracy apps.

    • Establishing and coordinating a structured way for clients secretaries to book facilitation slots with implementation staff facilitators.

    • Offering and negotiating inhouse PTs after integrating requirements and recommendations from PT Trainer and Customer Facing Circle

    • Filling out the PT order form for Holacracy and beyond in order to trigger PT & Intro Wheeler and Dealer to coordinate all prep activities

    • Offering and negotiating tickets for upcoming public PTs to client organisations integrating requirements and recommendations from PT & Intro Wheeler and Dealer and Holacracy and beyond

  • Holacracy Presenter


    Well-delivered intro workshops that invite individuals to explore Holacracy more deeply


    • Delivering intro workshops, using workshop designs created by Holacracy Training & Workshop Design

    • Tweaking template slide decks and designs to optimize delivery of each specific intro workshop and integrate learnings from delivery

    • Setting up and tearing down workshop venue; unpacking and packing workshop materials as provided by PT and Intro Supplies and Operations

    • Triaging and resolving venue-related logistical issues during public and private events

    • Greeting and hosting participants

    • Briefing PT Support on-site

  • Holaspirit Liaison


    Seized opportunities in a healthy relationship


    • Performing monthly business review meetings and continously developing the relationship with Holaspirit

    • Passing on suitable requests to Holacracy Business Development or Engagement Lead

    • Keeping track of leads, activities and outcomes

    • Providing a clear indication whether an Engagement Lead should get in touch with the contact provided by Holaspirit.

  • PT Facilitator Coach


    Holacracy practice role-modeled during trainings


    • Facilitating tactical and governance meetings at trainings

    • Coaching participants during facilitation practice at trainings

    • Setting up the room and collect all materials (when finished) at the direction of Holacracy and beyond

    • Listening to modules during the training to prepare to facilitate

    • Following the direction of any training delivery roles to support the training, including promptly directing participants to the next activity when requested

    • Playing 'the world' during simulation work time at practitioner trainings by following the guidance documented by Holacracy Training & Workshop Design

    • Participating in training staff reflection and debriefing sessions during the training

    • Contributing to improving the PT delivery by sharing ideas and pointing out mistakes in training materials (e.g. via a shared google document to gather improvements provided by PT Support on-site )

  • PT Trainer

    für temporary


    Transformative training experiences that transmit Holacracy and its underlying new paradigm


    • Delivering training content to event participants at standard training offerings

    • Tweaking template slide decks and designs to optimize delivery of each specific training and integrate learnings from delivery

    • Directing the on-site delivery team as-needed to support overall training quality needs

    • Monitoring training delivery and providing Holacracy Training & Workshop Design with input for development and improvement of training setup and design standards

    • Organizing fire side talks with representatives from (local) organizations, running on holacracy to share their experiences with adoption and daily practices - as an evening activity during the PT.

  • Secretary


    Betreuung und Stabilisierung der formalen Aufzeichnungen des Kreises und des Protokoll-Prozesses.


    • Alle Governance-Aufzeichnungen des Kreises


    • Tactical-Meetings für den Kreis planen

    • Tactical Meeting Ergebnisse festlegen und veröffentlichen

    • Governance-Meetings für den Kreis planen

    • Erfassen und Veröffentlichen der Ergebnisse des Governance-Prozesses des Kreises

    • Interpretieren von Governance und Verfassung auf Anfrage


smooth operations in the areas of travel, technical and material infrastructure, legal topics and back office activities that support the work of dG members thoroughly and sustainably

being a healthy financial backbone for dG, ensuring liquidity at all times

  • Cross Link from Shared Office


    Shared Office represented in dG's Organization


    • Processing tensions, sharing information from Shared Office Circle in dG

  • Harbor Interior Design


    Creating a functional work enviroment for dG and all subtenants


    • Channeling the needs of current Harbor Users into a harbor usage concept for March 2022 onwards and integrating feedback of current harbor users

    • Triggering responsible roles to purchase things needed

    • Channeling interior design requests

    • Making decision about equipment of rooms

  • Legal Affairs


    clarity on legal affairs


    • collecting and processing requests for legal advice with suitable lawyers

    • informing circle members in time about status quo of all open legal advice requests

    • monitoring operational and governance decisions whether written consent from all partners is needed (cf. operating agreement), triggering circular resolutions if needed

  • Legal dG Representative


    Nicht spezifiziert


    • Signing of all contracts, agreements, forms which require the signature of a "Geschäftsführer" according to Austrian regulations


    • Attending to all formal duties of a "Geschäftsführer".


Well energized and aligned Partners of the Organization and Members of the Association

  • Casework Coordinator

    für German


    Casework group is aligned, alive and well


    • organising facilitators for the individual sessions/days

    • sharing relevant learnings with all dG partners

    • inviting people to join casework group after integrating valid objections from the group

    • taking care of the focus of the casework groups (deepening the systemic know-how)

    • Organizing a suitable venue and/or clarifying room agreements with co-tenants in studio 11

  • Casework strategy


    Casework is aligned with the needs of its participants and dG


    • scheduling meetings for all existing casework groups including non-dG members

    • upholding the purpose of the casework groups

    • deciding on possible changes of the set-up of the casework groups when pitched by Casework Coordinator after integrating the perspective of the participants

  • Guardian of health and safety


    Tribe feels safe and adheres to current legal framework when coming together


    • developing clear rules for the tribe when coming together according to the current legal frameworks

    • communicating rules prior to internal days

  • Health and Happiness Host

    für Q2


    Tribe is well nourished


    • Providing nourishing and healthy food for the tribe upon request for internal days

    • Keeping a transparent up-to-date list of food restrictions of tribe members

    • Keeping an up-to-date Confluence page on how to best fill this role

    • Finding ways to lower environmental impact of delivered products

    • Informing the team and/or Co-Workers about leftovers that are open for consumption and throwing away old stuff

    • Coordinating the preparation and cleanup of the space before and after meals by the tribe

  • Lead Link


    Well energized and aligned Partners of the Organization and Members of the Association


    • Es sind keine Accountabilities für diese Rolle definiert.
  • Membership Steward

    für handover


    Accurate, fair and legally correct relations of individuals with the organization.


    • contracts regarding membership agreements

    • Salaries for job advertisements


    • Contracting, updating and filing in membership agreements (Beitrittserklärungen, Arbeitsverträge) of core partners

    • Calling in Tier Assignment Committee on request of any organization member.

    • Serving on the Tier Assignment Committee and People and Partner Committee if required and to the extent defined by GC policy

    • Taking all actions necessary to comply with dG's legal duties as an employer.

    • Participating in interviews of potential partners (after first interview round).

    • Maintaining a list of Tier levels of all limited partners and employee equivalent (according to total gross annual remuneration) and providing Finance with updates in case of changes.

    • Maintaining a list of current postal addresses of all core partners.

    • Organizing applications to update the company register (Eintragungsgesuch ins Firmenbuch) when partners join or leave dG with the notary and members of dg. Filing necessary documents in a way that is accessible to other role fillers (e.g. Finance, Controller, Profit Distribution Architect).

  • Mentoring Calibration


    A clear and transparent point of reference for People Operations Circle and Development Compass


    • Developing and maintaining transparent criteria, boundaries and clear steps for a smooth onboarding and development journey processes.

    • Organizing lessons learned session with People Operations Circle and Development Compass to integrate feedback and amend criteria and process on request.

    • Documenting relevant output and distributing minutes of coordination meetings.

    • Selecting and proposing candidate options for People Operations Circle to new partners and Development Compass to all other partners pitching for such support.

  • Team coaching Guard


    Team coaching for wholesome development of dwarfs and giants


    • Scheduling team coachings for dwarfs and Giants

    • Researching, selecting, and contracting team coaches for dG; including documentation of agreed output of coaching sessions

    • Collecting feedback from dG partners and if necessary recontracting team coach

    • Organizing a suitable venue and/or clarifying room agreements with co-tenants in studio 11