Populate next:land!

  • Brand Movement


    dwarfs and Giants is a vivid and well-known brand


    • Developing and maintaining a marketing strategy that supports our positioning and brand development

    • Providing marketing materials about dG projects like next:pedition and for public dG events

    • Providing materials about dG for media requests

    • Developing and maintaining an editorial plan which supports dGs visibility and outreach

    • Organizing public dG events and providing necessary logistics

    • Spreading the word about the dG purpose by attending and speaking at relevant events/conferences


dwarfs and Giants is a vivid and well-known brand

  • Content Strategist


    Concept development, publication and monitoring of content for digital dG channels plus supporting dG members to create their own content projects


    • Creating inspiring content for public dG channels and triggering different roles like Evolutionary Catalyst to share updates from their projects

    • Maintaining a digital editorial plan

    • Interacting with the dG community and followers

    • Defining goals and audiences for dG digital activities

    • Sharing insights about content and engagement with dG members

    • Supporting dG members to co-create content projects

  • Editor

    für (Backup) & Publications


    Linguistically flawless dG publications and materials


    • Proofreading of dG material for both print and digital publication - either with own resources or by contracting external editor - on request of any dG role

    • Processing of necessary edits/corrections (either internal or with external designer), collecting updated versions and triggering relevant roles like Corporate Design or Website Manager to publish materials

    • Crafting recommendations and "rules of thumb" for consistent spelling & wording on dG materials in coordination with Corporate Design

    • Doing pre-production spellchecks after trigger by Brand material production

  • Lead Link


    dwarfs and Giants is a vivid and well-known brand


    • Rollenzuweisungen innerhalb des Kreises


    • Zuordnen von Partnern zu Rollen des Kreises; Überwachen der Passung; Anbieten von Feedbacks, um die Passung zu verbessern; und Neuübertragen von Rollen an andere Partner, wenn dies sinnvoll ist, um die Passung zu verbessern

    • Zuteilen der Ressourcen des Kreises zu den verschiedenen Projekten und/oder Rollen

    • Einrichten von Prioritäten und Strategien für den Kreis

    • Definieren von Kennzahlen für den Kreis

    • Strukturieren der Governance des Kreises, um seinen Purpose und seine Accountabilities zu realisieren

    • Aufheben von Einschränkungen innerhalb des Kreises gegenüber dem Super-Kreis, um seinen Purpose und seine Accountabilities zu realisieren

  • Newsletter Editor


    Inspiring frequent newsletter showing movements towards nextland


    • Implementing and layouting next:letter content into Mailchimp-Campaings

    • Scheduling newsletter campaigns

    • Checking of content, links and structure before sending (TechTest)

    • Sending out newsletter on regular basis

    • Collecting and creating relevant dG content

    • Monitoring newsletter KPIs and optimizing both content and layouts for best results within target audience

  • Public Event Interface


    Participants of dGs public events well-held and informed, before, during, and after the event


    • Establishing and maintaining a list with event registrations and collecting all relevant data from participants.

    • Triggering Accounting to send invoices to participants promptly after registration

    • Informing registered participants about relevant details prior to the event, answering questions

    • Collecting structured feedback and testimonials of participants after events

    • Communicating dietary preferences of participants to relevant roles (e.g. Event Supplies and Operations or next:venue wizard) or external partners

    • Sharing a final list of confirmed registrations with training team - if externals are involved (e.g. PT coaches), without personal contact information of participants.

    • Collecting an opt-in of each participant (e.g. on a check-in list) with their consent to share their contact data with all other participants of the training and/or consent to use pictures of the training for dG social media.

  • Secretary


    Betreuung und Stabilisierung der formalen Aufzeichnungen des Kreises und des Protokoll-Prozesses.


    • Alle von der Verfassung geforderten Aufzeichnungen des Kreises


    • Erfassen und Veröffentlichen der Ergebnisse der für den Kreis definierten Meetings und Verwaltung einer zusammenfassenden Sicht der aktuellen Governance, von Checklisten-Punkten und Kennzahlen des Kreises.

    • Interpretieren von Governance und Verfassung auf Anfrage

    • Planen der vom Kreis geforderten Meetings und benachrichtigen aller Kreismitglieder über die eingeplanten Zeiten und Orte

  • Website Manager


    Awesome up-to-date homepage


    • Coordinating and contracting external suppliers for hosting and backup structure, technical advancement and design of website

    • Developing and maintaining a clear structure

    • Publishing web content such as personal profiles, events, articles/updates etc. both pro-actively as well as on trigger of other roles

    • Analysing traffic and user behaviour on dG website and actively optimizing structure and content