smooth operations in the areas of travel, technical and material infrastructure, legal topics and back office activities that support the work of dG members thoroughly and sustainably

being a healthy financial backbone for dG, ensuring liquidity at all times

  • Accounting


    Spotless books and flawless invoicing and financial transactions


    • Approval of invoices, bills, and expenses


    • Collecting all incoming invoices (scan and paper) and adding them to data base.

    • Reconciling bank statements once a week

    • Preparing bank transfers within the period prescribed by suppliers

    • Introducing new core partners to dGs invoicing and expense billing processes

    • Tracking all financial transactions via the double entry book keeping method

    • Preparing timely bank transfer of VAT, wage labor costs and wages

    • Reconciling monthly credit card statements when provided by bank

    • Reminding credit card holders to hand in missing expenses until a provided deadline, otherwise the expenses will be booked on the appropriate clearing account

    • Introducing Project Partners to accounting processes

    • Making monthly credit card statements available on Google Drive

    • Making monthly mobile phone bills available on Google Drive

    • Preparing payments for L2 or project partners after payment of associated invoice by the customer

    • Checking whether bills and expenses correspond to the current tax provisions and ask for correction via the person which booked the expense or the supplier himself

    • Supporting other roles in resolving non-standard difficulties with payment providers or bank

    • Collecting invoices for accruals and deferrals for quarterly and yearly closings

    • Checking partner ledgers for possible reconciliation on a regular base (at least quarterly)

    • Adjusting journal entries based on the needs of the role or other roles

    • Checking and approving invoices, bills, and expenses submitted to odoo regarding correct account ledger and correct current tax provisions as soon as practical or latest necessary for fiscal timelines

    • Taking care of the accounting of dwarfs & Giants GmbH (partner with unlimited liability)

  • dG Phone


    dG is available and reachable from the outside world via phone


    • answering the public dG phone (+43.660.2639303) for incoming calls and calling back

    • checking the dG mailbox and processing requests

    • triggering respective roles (like Public Event Interface or General Company Circle) to process incoming requests

    • updating the dG mailbox voice text if necessary with dG voicemail texts like "standard", "christmas break", "summer break" etc.

    • coordinating a substitute dG member to take over the phone (or forward incoming calls) in case of absence like sick leave or vacation.

    • checking the current consumption of free minutes and data in the app of the phone provider to avoid high extra costs (beyond the contracted package)

  • Expense Responsible


    Ensuring that all expenses of all partners are entered correctly into the ERP-System so that costs can be forwarded to clients and data is captured for accounting.


    • Collecting expenses from Core-, L2-, and Projectpartners in PDF via Mail that are send to expense@dwarfsandgiants.org

    • Clarifying accounting questions with the Role Accounting and/or Finance

    • Informing Core-, L2-, and Projectpartners If the policy has changed

    • Accepting ONLY expenses that follow the policy of expenseresponsible

    • Defining a policy how to submit expenses

    • Submitting Expense for Approval

    • Entering all necessary information into Odoo from the Core- and L2 partners that are given in the subject line of a mail.

    • Clarifying upcoming questions with the origin of the expense.

    • Checking expense@dwarfsandgiants.org twice a week (Mond and Thursday)