Participants of dGs public events well-held and informed, before, during, and after the event

  • Participant data may only be handled by Public Event Interface, e.g. collecting a signature of each participant on the check-in list with their consent to share their emailadresses with all other participants of the training and/or consent to use pictures of the training for dG social media.

  • Establishing and maintaining a participant list and collecting all relevant data from clients

  • Triggering Accounting to send invoices to participants promptly after registration

  • Informing registered participants about relevant details prior to the event, answering questions

  • Collecting structured feedback and testimonials of participants after events

  • Communicating dietary preferences of participants to relevant roles (e.g. Event Supplies and Operations or next:venue wizard)

  • Implementing, monitoring, and maintaining an event registration system incl. payment options (either external or internal), ensuring full synchronisation of participant data in Salesforce as well as transparent invoicing triggers for Accounting

  • Maintaining or importing a final list of confirmed registrants in Salesforce before a training, informing Trainer team plus triggering all Engagement Lead s to check for potential clients or projects among the participants


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