GlassFrog Software Updates

August 23, 2016

GlassFrog is getting a new look!

In the coming days expect to see a big change to GlassFrog’s look and feel. We’re delivering an improved layout and font selection as well as many minor usability improvements. Most of the changes are subtle and we’ve put a lot of effort into ensuring that all of your favorite features will still be easy to find. Nothing has been removed although some widgets and links have had their positions adjusted.  If you have trouble finding a particular feature please don’t hesitate to email

For more see: What will the styling changes look like?

French translation is now in Beta

We’re double checking our nouns and triple checking our verbs as we prepare to deliver GlassFrog in French. Special thanks to iGi partners for their help with our beta test!  If you would like to volunteer to assist in upcoming translations for your language of choice, contact GlassFrog customer support and we’ll add you to the list.

Miscellaneous Bug Fixes
- Removed a display problem with role names that include ampersands (&) in tactical meeting projects.
- Fixed an erroneous translation error message on tactical meeting agenda box.
- Fixed some lingering display issues with policy text.
- GlassFrog credit card receipts now correctly include organization number and name.