Glassfrog has new pricing!

January 01, 2016

As of Jan 1, we’re offering two pricing plans: a Free version with all the basic features needed to get started and practice Holacracy, and a Premium version with a richer feature set to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of your Holacracy practice.

The Free version can be used by anyone at any organization size, with unlimited users and circles. We are setting pricing for the Premium version using a simple per-user model, similar to other team productivity tools, and pricing it at $9/user/month.

Why the change?

We created the Free version because we want to support the Holacracy community and ensure anyone practicing Holacracy has access to the essential tools to do so, regardless of budget. This is part of an overall initiative to offer a core toolset for implementing Holacracy at no cost, including the Quickstart Guide and various resources available on our website.

The pay-per-user model for Premium is a response to feedback from paying members to create a simplified version that's easier to calculate and predict, and pricing doesn't change as you add and remove circles through the Governance process.

For transparency, we estimate our overall revenue from GlassFrog as a result of this change will be neutral to slightly negative--this is not intended as a pricing model increase, although some clients will pay more and some less under this new formula.


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