How to track Governance tensions in GlassFrog

April 10, 2015

The My tensions and proposal builder feature has been available for a few months, but here is how to use it if you are new or want some guidance.

How to use My Tensions outside of a Governance meeting

  • When you have a tension for governance, add it to your My Tensions list (found in the blue navigation bar next to My Projects). Type as little or as much as you need for each tension. Save the tension.
  • There is also an option as a tactical output called Tension to capture governance tensions.
  • Here you can also add an agenda item, the tension, circle, and a proposal if you want.
  • Edit the proposal later to be prepared before the meeting. The benefit of this is that you have a way of both tracking tensions and starting proposals outside of meetings.
  • Create draft proposals with multiple parts, just like Secretary does during the Governance meeting. Your proposal will be available to select for the next Governance agenda, but you don’t have to add it to the list if you aren’t ready.
  • Capture a tension even if you don’t know a starting proposal yet


During the Governance Meeting

  • When there is a Governance meeting open, click Join Governance meeting to be able to add your tensions to the agenda. Then click the ‘choose from tensions' link right below where you enter agenda items to add your tension to the list. You get a pop up of agenda items / tensions, and you click to add it to the agenda.
  • When Secretary selects your agenda item, those watching via ‘Join Governance’ link will see the proposal, just like when it is entered by Secretary.
  • When you click on the agenda item that was added from someone’s My Tensions list pre-populated proposals automatically load in GlassFrog. Edits to any parts of the proposal made before clicking Accept Proposal are saved (so the originally pre-populated proposal is changed if you change or remove anything.
  • Once Secretary clicks accept proposal then the agenda item can be 'checked off'.