Quick Update: My Authority

February 02, 2015

New in GlassFrog

  • "My Authority" page, linked from the nav-bar. Try the role selector showing 'My Roles', and select one of your roles to see constraints on authority in the role. View domains and policies that you may need to consider, and find helpful Holacracy tips as you scroll to the bottom.
  • Simple core role definitions are now in GlassFrog. They are a summary of the constitutional definition. See the constitution for the full definitions, but the definitions in GlassFrog (found by clicking the word Secretary, Facilitator, Lead Link, or Rep Link on any roles page) are intended to mean the same thing.

Bug Fix

  • Agenda items can now be unchecked in a Governance meeting. Secretary should still click the agenda item label when facilitator is ready to process that agenda item. The agenda items are automatically checked when you click accept proposal, but you can click the agenda label to 'uncheck' the item if needed.

As always, contact us with any questions or feedback via our webform.