New org chart!

December 08, 2013

I'm excited to announce that last week's release included a much needed update to the org chart.

The new visualization of an organization is now more aligned with a Holacracy structure. The circle structure view also now works much better for larger organizations. Click around to explore HolacracyOne's circle structure!

HolacracyOne Org Chart

Here are a few tips for using your org chart:

  • Mouse over a circle/role to see the name appear, or to zoom in/zoom out. You'll see the circle selected by the border changing color when you mouse over, and then click to zoom in or out. Zoom in to see labels of sub circles more than three layers deep.
  • Internet Explorer is not recommended for best results. You can still use the org chart and navigate to a circle by clicking on the (hyperlinked) circle name. Or use the search function to find a circle and click through in the search results.
  • To navigate to a circle page, click the circle name displayed as a hyper link in the circle. More circle names will appear if you zoom in.
  • Colors show roles that are filled, unfilled, core roles, or roles that do not have an accountability or a purpose.

There are more plans for enhancing the org chart, but this is a big step forward for now! If you have any issues with the circle structure, want to give us feedback, or have questions, contact GlassFrog Customer Support!