New Governance Meeting Interface with Agenda

November 04, 2013

When creating proposals, there are fewer menu options for more intuitive navigation and viewing.

Create or edit roles in the left column, or create or edit policies in the right column.

  • Agenda: Secretary can type the agenda item into the agenda field in the left column. Press enter/return to save the agenda item. Like the Tactical Meeting agenda, click the check mark to complete the item or click the x to delete the item. Screenshare during a virtual meeting or use a projector to show the agenda and proposal.
  • Working with Roles: To create, edit, or remove a role or a circle, mouse over the Add/Edit role menu and click on either New Role/Circle or select the existing role by clicking on it. When editing a role, at the bottom of the accountabilities find two options to either expand the role to a circle or else remove the role. 
  • Working with Policies: Mouse over Add/Edit Policy to display options for adding new policies or editing existing policies. To remove a policy, first select the existing policy, and then check the box at the bottom to remove it. (Note that cross links function like they previously did, and Holacracy Version 4.0 practitoners are not advised to use the Authorize Cross Link option. Instead, create a policy to authorize inviting a cross link.)
  • Multi-part proposals: Add parts to a proposal by clicking the green menu bar labeled Add Part at the bottom of the screen. View parts by scrolling down.


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