New Functionality Added

May 14, 2012

As of a GlassFrog update tonight, we've added two key groups of functionality:

1)  Working with Sub-Circles:  You can now work with sub-circles in a governance meeting, including moving roles and policies from your circle into a newly-created sub-circle, and re-absorbing roles and policies from a removed sub-circle back into your circle.  Creating a sub-circle can happen from scratch (for a totally new sub-circle), or you can expand an existing role into a full sub-circle.  You'll see the new buttons to work with sub-circles within GlassFrog's governance meeting interface.

2)  Working with Cross-Links:  Version 3.0 of the Holacracy Constitution added the ability to authorize one sub-circle to appoint one of its roles as a cross-link into another sub-circle (see the Holacracy Constitution for details).  This is now supported in GlassFrog, via a new act in a governance meeting to "Authorize a Cross-Link".  Use this to either authorize a cross-link (by selecting a sub-circle from the resulting drop-down), or to specify a specific role to act as the cross-link (by selecting a role from the resulting drop-down).  You'll see a cross-link role automatically show-up in the target circle's role list.

Looking forward, the GlassFrog development team here at HolacracyOne is now hard at work adding support for Holacracy's operational constructs.  We'll announce updates as soon as they're available, and please do let us know if you have any questions or feedback in the meantime.