Circle Member List Update & Bug Fixes

October 07, 2013

This weekend we released an update improving the Circle Member list: 

Now the list is automatically generated per Constitution 4.0. Circle Members removed from all role assignments in the circle will be automatically removed from this list.
Lead Link, Secretary, or Admins can add people as extra circle members even if they don't fill a role in the circle, and later remove them (or see them automatically removed if later they are assigned to a circle role and then the role assignment is removed).
To view or edit the list, click the person icon immediately to the left of the Roles tab when on the circle page. (See inserted image.)
If a circle member was added manually and needs to be removed, click the "x" to the right of the name in the circle member list.
Earlier in the week there was also a deployment to fix a bug causing Rep Links not to display or behave properly. Contact GlassFrog Customer Support with any questions or issues.