Anchor Circle Options & Bug Fixes

July 19, 2013

Recently we did a handful of bug fixes that hopefully weren't too problematic for most users, but should make adding and editing policies, assigning roles, removing a sub circle, and configuring your anchor circle go a lot smoother! Thanks everyone for reporting issues, as it helps us in our efforts to improve GlassFrog.

New functionality includes a minor update and a bigger one. 

Minor update: you can now easily notice if circle members are not filling roles (and may need to be assigned or removed from the circle). Click the person icon to the left of Roles when on the Roles/Circle page. (See screenshot.)

Editing Circle Members

New: Configure your Anchor Circle.

New Users

Click here for the YouTube video for users who have not started using GlassFrog.

New users can just rename their Board to what their Anchor Circle is called.
Click the Edit icon immediately to the right of the Board header on the circle/roles page, found by clicking the Board Circle in your new organization.
Type the Name, Short Name (if you wish), Purpose, and Lead Link (there will be a drop down to select the Lead Link). You are ready to go.

Existing users

Click here for a video walk through of this.

If you are using your Board, you can keep using it or rename it as described above, as needed.

If your GCC is really your Anchor Circle, and you don't use your Board, then you can delete it. Use caution, as you cannot currently create a new anchor circle if you decide you need to insert a new Anchor Circle (that will be some months from now based on our current prioritization.

To Absorb General Circle into the currently named Board:

  • Open Governance Meeting in Board
  • Click Remove Subcircle
  • Select General *Please note: Record your 'Alignment Circle' strategy elsewhere before clicking Accept if you'd like to retain this in your 'new' Anchor Circle.
  • Either keep as a role or remove entirely. I will remove entirely.
  • Select all the roles and policies to retain in your Anchor Circle There is no way to easily select all; you must check each one that you want to keep.
  • Accept Proposal
  • Close Meeting

Then Configure Board to be your Anchor Circle by renaming, updating Purpose, and adding former GCC Lead Link, as described above and in the video.