Feature: Archive Done Projects

November 20, 2012

Now you can archive your done projects to make them disappear from the project tab but stay in the database. Eventually, these will be findable via expanded operational data support, such as a Tactical Meeting History. If you'd like to actually delete a project, then you can still do that, but this is generally not advisable unless you want it to be gone forever (see below).

How to Archive projects

  • Click the check mark when you complete your project to update the status to "Done"
  • At the appropriate time (either when you complete it or after you report on it a final time perhaps), click the folder icon that appears on the top of completed projects. For now, what you will see is that the project no longer is visible on the project tab. 


How to delete projects that are no longer relevant

Decide a project needs to be destroyed rather than completed? Remove it from the project tab by clicking on the project card (see below). 

  • Click on the project name to open the dialog box and edit the project
  • Click the the trash can icon in the bottom left corner
  • Click OK when asked if you are sure (if you ARE sure!).