Coming Soon: Core Role Definitions

February 02, 2012

Hi Folks - We'll soon launch an update to GlassFrog™ which will enhance a circle's core roles: Facilitator, Secretary, Lead Link, and Rep Link.  Once this update goes live, you'll see the definition (Purpose, Scope, and Accountabilities) of each of these roles listed in the system, just like you do with other roles.  The definitions all come from the latest version (v3.0) of the Holacracy™ Constitution; for those still using Holacracy™ v2.x, this shouldn't create much trouble as the definitions are very similar.

Once this update is deployed, you'll also be able to add Accountabilities and Scope within a governance meeting to the Facilitator, Secretary, or Rep Link, and edit or remove anything you've added; the system will not support adding to the Lead Link role, as v3.0 of the Constitution does not allow this (you should create another role instead to differentiate functions from the Lead Link, even if it's then assigned to the same person).