GlassFrog Product Update - February

February 14, 2024

GlassFrog Product Update - February

We are pleased to announce the latest enhancements to GlassFrog, reflecting our ongoing commitment to innovation and responsiveness to user feedback. Over the past few months, we introduced the beta versions of Custom Meetings and Goals & Targets (OKRs), and your invaluable feedback has been a cornerstone in the evolution of these features. We're excited to share our February product update with you.


Introducing Agile Meeting Templates

Our Custom Meetings feature now includes Agile meeting templates, offering a selection of predefined formats such as stand-ups, tactical meetings, and retrospectives. This addition is designed to streamline your meeting preparation process, allowing you to customize and save your templates for a tailored meeting experience. The intuitive drag-and-drop interface ensures that you have full control over your meeting structure, promoting efficiency and engagement.

Getting Started with Custom Meetings

Ready to get started with custom meetings? To activate Custom Meetings for your organization:

  • Sign in with Org Admin credentials.
  • Navigate to the Admin Panel and select Organization Settings.
  • Under Settings, locate Beta Features.
  • Enable Custom Meetings by checking the corresponding box.


Enhanced Onboarding with CSV Data Imports

We've simplified the onboarding process with our new CSV data import functionality. This feature enables rapid integration of new roles, domains, and personnel, facilitating a smoother start for organizations or the expansion of existing structures. Access this feature through the Organization Settings menu, where you can also download CSV examples to guide your setup.


We Value Your Feedback

Your engagement with our beta features is vital, not just for utilizing Custom Meetings, but for shaping the future of agile meeting management. We encourage you to share your experiences, insights, and recommendations with us. Through collaborative feedback, we aim to refine and enhance the effectiveness of agile team collaboration.

Thank you for your ongoing support and enthusiasm for GlassFrog's development.