Introducing Goals & Targets – Now in Beta!

December 04, 2023

We are thrilled to announce the Beta release of a transformative new feature in GlassFrog – Goals & Targets! As we continually strive to enhance your experience, this latest addition is designed to bring unprecedented clarity and alignment to your team's objectives.

Goals and targets dashboard in glassfrog showing general operations OKRs

What is Goals & Targets?

Goals & Targets is a dynamic new tool that enables you to efficiently track and manage objectives at various levels - be it company-wide, within specific circles, or individual roles. Inspired by the OKR (Objectives and Key Results) framework, this feature provides a structured approach to setting and pursuing strategic goals. Goals & Targets supports OKRs, in addition to other methodologies you might be using in your organization.

Key Features:

  • Create Company-wide Visibility: Align every member of your organization with the overarching company goals.
  • Establish Circle-Level Objectives: Foster collaboration and clarity within your team circles.
  • Set Specific Targets: Track the metrics or KPIs that measure where you are against the targets showing where you want to be.


How to Access Goals & Targets?

For Admins:

  1. Navigate to the Organization Settings page under the Admin menu on the left nav
  2. Under the settings tab, enable ‘Goals & Targets’ in the Beta Features section

For Non-Admins:

Contact your organization's administrator and let them know you’d like to use this feature!

Organization settings in GlassFrog showing how to turn on beta features


While in beta, Goals & Targets is currently available to both our Premium and Free customers.

Why Use Goals & Targets?

  • Enhanced Alignment: Ensure that every effort and initiative is directly tied to your organization's mission.
  • Increased Transparency: With visible goals, everyone understands their contributions and the impact they have.
  • Improved Accountability: Clear targets allow for better tracking of progress and outcomes.


Your Feedback Matters!

We are just getting started with Goals & Targets. While we’ve got a lot more planned, we’d love to have your feedback so that we can refine and perfect this tool for your organization’s needs. As a Beta feature, your insights are invaluable to helping us shape the future of this feature & the GlassFrog product. We encourage you to explore Goals & Targets and let us know what you think!