June Announcements

June 19, 2021


The GlassFrog Team is pleased to announce the release of modular adoption!

Holacracy v5.0 is officially out and as part of it, GlassFrog is releasing the Modular Functionality. This lets GlassFrog admins select the articles of the constitution the organization uses in the Organization Settings. 

For each article, an organization can either choose to use the rules from Holacracy, from the traditional management hierarchy, or input a custom text for how the module is supposed to run. Every member of the organization can access a read-only version of the organization’s custom constitution. With the exception of Organizational Structure, each Holacracy module can be enabled independently.

Please refer to this video for further explanation.

Additionally, GlassFrog admins can now upgrade/downgrade between v4.1 and v5, and move to setup mode more seamlessly. Modular configuration is only available in v5 and downgrading with partial Holacracy modules to v4.1 will enable all Holacracy modules.

Here is more on Setup mode.