Support your circle with online "Secretary Fundamentals" course

September 17, 2019

Holacracy Resources is launching the first-ever series of online Holacracy courses. They are designed to make it faster and easier to learn Holacracy and become a GlassFrog power-user.

The first course is to help Secretary role-fillers gain confidence and a better understanding of their role. It includes a series of video lessons and supporting material, an online session with the instructor and a cohort of fellow Secretary role-fillers.  

Holacracy Secretary Fundamentals will help you...

•  Identify important do's and don'ts for good Secretary practice
•  Learn habits that support efficient meetings and reduce wasted time
•  Determine when and how to raise NVGO objections during Governance Meetings
•  Build familiarity with navigating Governance records

For more information or to register, sign up here.