Flowing logistics for great training and workshop experiences

  • Arranging event-related logistics necessary to run high-quality trainings and tasters

  • Verifying receipt and accuracy of all training and workshop materials sent to a venue before the arrival of the on-site delivery team, including who received the materials and where they're stored, and communicating that to all members of the team

  • Sorting materials into complete, ordered packages after trainings, and sourcing new printings and materials when needed

  • Producing disposable materials such as training folders, handouts and Simulation print outs that Training Design specifies

  • Arranging and publishing of shipping of all training and workshop supplies to and from venue

  • Briefing the responsible role for Training Support on-site prior to the event about all materials, specific requirements and packaging units

  • Maintaining inventory of all dG-owned durable training equipment

  • Purchasing supplies prior to trainings


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