Purpose: Populate next:land!
  • Holacracy Practitioner


    Holacracy practice learned and stabilized


    • Participating at holacracy implementation sessions

  • Measurement Matters


    clarity of implementation progression


    • Setting up surveys to provide data on status and progression of Holacracy implementations requested by Holacracy Engagement Lead

    • creating new tools to provide data on status and progression of development towards next:land

    • Evaluating data and providing statistical and/or qualitative analysis of the results

  • Mini Creator

    für cta facilitation card


    ever more tiny tools ready-to-use


    • specifying product vision

    • developing & codifying next:land practices into easily accessible tools, with reference to the creator backlog

    • publishing completed tools

Purpose: Rewriting the future of organization. Catalyzing the evolution of wholesome organizations.
  • Brand Movement


    dwarfs and Giants is a vivid and well-known brand


    • Developing and maintaining a marketing strategy that supports our positioning and brand development

    • Providing marketing materials about dG projects like next:pedition and for public dG events

    • Providing materials about dG for media requests

    • Developing and maintaining an editorial plan which supports dGs visibility and outreach

    • Organizing public dG events and providing necessary logistics

    • Spreading the word about the dG purpose by attending and speaking at relevant events/conferences

  • Health & Happiness Host

    für backup


    Healthy food for that foster new ways of working


    • Researching and ordering fresh, healthy catering for Campfire Days and Harbour Days, taking care of partners' specific dietary needs - if possible.

    • Maintaining a stock of brainfood, juices and snacks for workshops Studio 11.

    • Finding ways to lower environmental impact of delivered products.

    • Finding a new Partner to energize this role after filling this role for 6 months. Triggering LL GCC to assign role to new partner.

    • Informing the team and/or coworkers about leftovers that are open for consumption and throwing away old stuff (before it gets smelly or impacting other coworkers).

  • Travel Logistics Wizard


    dwarfs traveling the world!


  • Venue Tracker


    Wowing venues, smooth logistics that foster new ways of working


    • Searching for and booking venues after getting a trigger of Firekeeper (Consulting_Services_Circle), Council Chief for internal events and meetings

    • Lining up all event-related logistics (room setup, training supplies) for council days, campfire days and office days

Purpose: dwarfs and Giants is a vivid and well-known brand
  • Content & Community

    für Video


    Publishing and monitoring content for all digital dG channels


    • Creating inspiring content of various formats for public dG channels either with own creative resources or by coordinating external suppliers

    • Maintaining a digital editorial plan and keeping the dG audience on external digital channels up to date about projects, clients, events, etc. by regularly publishing content

    • Hosting community engagement on dG Digital Channels

    • Triggering Website Wizzard & Next:Letter Wizzard to integrate new available content

    • Triggering Social Media Monitor for temporary replacements and enabling access to all channels (like Facebook Editor Role).

  • Event Logistics


    Setting up wowing public events


    • Processing all relevant details from concerned roles (e.g. synchronize event schedule with host or trainer)

    • Triggering Website Wizzard to publish BM events on website and Content & Community to post on dG social media channels

    • Providing a sufficient amount of necessary materials for BM events (such as e.g. lanyards, name tags, markers, post-its...) plus dG promotional material plus organizing transport to/from venue

    • Creating financial settlement for (semi-)public BM events to make profit/loss per event transparent

    • Booking venues for public events of all circles, incl. Brand Movement events & conferences, public PTs & intros of the Holacracy Trainings Circle, etc.

    • Maintaining a list of event locations in the DACH-region

    • Providing a list of marketing materials for public dG events

  • Rep Link

    (Rep Link) (zu General Company Circle)


    Innerhalb des Super-Kreises übernimmt der Rep Link den Purpose des Sub-Kreises; innerhalb des SubKreises ist der Purpose des Rep Links: Spannungen, die relevant für die Verarbeitung im Super-Kreis sind zu kanalisieren und aufzulösen


    • Bereitstellen einer Sicht auf die Vitalität des Subkreises im Super-Kreis, einschließlich Berichten über Kennzahlen oder Checklisten-Punkte, die dem gesamten Sub-Kreis übertragen wurden

    • Beseitigen von Einschränkungen innerhalb der übergeordneten Organisation, die den Sub-Kreis einschränken

    • Versuchen, Spannungen zu verstehen, welche von Kreismitgliedern des Sub-Kreises wahrgenommen wurden, und diejenigen zu identifizieren, die für die Bearbeitung im Super-Kreis geeignet sind

  • Story Writer

    für Harvesting Canvas


    Codifying dG experience and practice into inspiring publications


    • Writing publications, blog posts to share dGs experience and practice in expressing our purpose

    • Publishing content on individual channel (e.g. LinkedIn Blog, Medium Account) or triggering Website Wizzard to publish content on dG website

    • Sending link(s) to Content & Community in order to disseminate content on dG public channels, regardless of platform (individual or dG)

Purpose: Transformative trainings that transmit Holacracy and catalyze the capacities it requires
  • Online Simulation Setup


    Flawless set-up of simulations online


    • Setting up simulations online: fill in the (multiple) simulations online with all relevant data and modifying last minute participant user login changes.

    • Providing list of participants with (fake) email-adresses and login data for simulations to Event Supplies and Operations when needed.

    • Providing PT staff user logins to access the different simulation accounts.

    • Closing all created Hygeans after the PT and integrating relevant feedback from relevant roles.

  • Secretary


    Betreuung und Stabilisierung der formalen Aufzeichnungen des Kreises und des Protokoll-Prozesses.


    • Alle von der Verfassung geforderten Aufzeichnungen des Kreises


    • Erfassen und Veröffentlichen der Ergebnisse der für den Kreis definierten Meetings und Verwaltung einer zusammenfassenden Sicht der aktuellen Governance, von Checklisten-Punkten und Kennzahlen des Kreises.

    • Interpretieren von Governance und Verfassung auf Anfrage

    • Planen der vom Kreis geforderten Meetings und benachrichtigen aller Kreismitglieder über die eingeplanten Zeiten und Orte

  • Training Support on-site

    für specific inhouse PTs


    Trainer training and learners learning


    • Triaging and resolving venue-related tactical or logistical issues during public and private events

    • Removing distractions at trainings that limit presence and focus of participants or delivery staff

    • Setting up and tearing down training venue in alignment with Training Design

    • Greeting and hosting participants at trainings and related events

    • Verifying participant attendance against the participant list for public Holacracy workshops and trainings

    • Taking photos on-site of set-up and during the training to share with our client, capture Training practice and possibly for promotion purposes

    • Triggering Coach-Team to repack simulation materiald and repacking all materials immediately following each training according to briefing by Event Supplies and Operations and delivering them to start of transport as arranged by Training Operations

    • Going through the PT materials checklist provided by Event Supplies and Operations as materials are unpacked and distributed throughout the different PT rooms

    • Unpacking training materials as provided by Event Supplies and Operations and checking back with "Supplies, Tools & Pack List" to identify and replace missing items.

Purpose: Awesome and customer wowing cutting edge Next:Land programm
  • next:operations


    Flowing logistics for all next:pedition related events (incl. prep-camps and discovery sessions) and training sessions


    • Collecting needs from next:guide s & -coaches, selecting, ordering and preparing all necessary supplies, maintaining a packing list

    • Producing disposable materials such as binders, handouts, and print outs as specified in time by next:guide s

    • Arranging shipping of all training and workshop supplies to and from venue

    • Adapting PPT Slides delivered by next:guide spokesperson for print-ready format

    • Collecting and forwarding invoices and bills of materials ordered to Accounting

    • Maintaining inventory of all dG-owned durable training equipment

  • next:venue wizard


    Inspiring venues fitting next:pedition spirit and requirements


    • seeking specific locations for the realization which optimze the purpose, the objectives, the output and outcome of such a program

    • Contracting, negotiating, and evaluating such venues for next:pedition events in line with strategies and guidelines defined by next:guide Spokesperson

    • Maintaining a list for preferred venues and blackballed venues

    • Ordering food and beverage for the trainings that account for allergy and diet issues

    • Scheduling a time with the venue for next:guide to set up the training before the start of the training

    • Scheduling and organizing all logistics (room, food, ...) for regular next:guide staffing days

Purpose: Well energized and aligned Partners of the Organization and Members of the Association
  • Health Monitor


    dG vital signs are live. Partners have real-time data to adjust steering impulses.


    • Creating, adopting and maintaining an easy to use health monitor.

    • Developing metrics, measurements and EPI’s. (Emotional Performance Index)

    • Researching, prototyping and testing available tools on the market.

    • Co-creating tools, which are tailor-made to self-organized organizations.

Purpose: measurement method for collective intelligence available
  • CI Co-Creator


    Backlog items processed


    • Selecting backlog items and executing tasks accordingly

  • CI Codifier


    All gathered insights codified and accessible for dG


    • Capturing relevant outputs of creator team work in an easily accessible manner