Consulting Services Circle

General Company Circle

Holacracy Trainings Circle

Creator Team: Beyond Budgeting

Purpose: Populate next:land!
  • Project Support


    Quality-checked materials ready-to-use and awesome workshop documentation


    • Proofreading of proposals and workshop material (ppts, plots).

    • Creating workshop minutes based on pics provided by Evolutionary Catalyst.

    • Organizing timely production of existing client workshop materials.

Purpose: Rewriting the future of organization. Catalyzing the evolution of wholesome organizations.
  • Smooth Operations


    smooth and elegant operations support our work thoroughly and sustainably


    • Providing and developing a workspace which is fun, aesthetic and a pleasure to use

    • Establishing a lean, stable and secure IT infrastructure

    • Processing requests for legal advice and representing dG legally

Purpose: Transformative trainings that transmit Holacracy and catalyze the capacities it requires
  • Event Supplies and Operations

    für Hola intros & PTs


    Flowing logistics for great training and workshop experiences


    • Arranging event-related logistics necessary to run high-quality trainings and tasters

    • Verifying receipt and accuracy of all training and workshop materials sent to a venue before the arrival of the on-site delivery team, including who received the materials and where they're stored, and communicating that to all members of the team

    • Sorting materials into complete, ordered packages after trainings, and sourcing new printings and materials when needed

    • Producing disposable materials such as training folders, handouts and Simulation print outs that Training Design specifies

    • Arranging and publishing of shipping of all training and workshop supplies to and from venue

    • Briefing the responsible role for Training Support on-site prior to the event about all materials, specific requirements and packaging units

    • Maintaining inventory of all dG-owned durable training equipment

    • Purchasing supplies prior to trainings

Purpose: smooth and elegant operations support our work thoroughly and sustainably
  • dG office continuity


    A Harbor that supports our work


    • Providing and maintaining a sufficient level of office and workshop materials, trying to buy sustainable

    • Distributing and administrating of dG Key Cards

    • Booking books, magazines and appropriate workshop materials into on request and label them

    • Administrating users for

    • Providing and maintaining a sufficient level of consumable materials for Studio 11, trying to buy sustainable

  • dG postal


    swift responses


    • Frequently checking the mail account ""

    • Immediately forwarding incoming mails to relevant roles/circles/channels

    • Collecting, opening and checking letters, giving notice to relevant roles/persons if necessary

    • Taking care of substitution in case of absences of several days' duration

    • Mailing of messages (letters, parcels)

  • Harbor Soul

    für Tuesday


    Human dG Presence @ STUDIO11


    • Being present during official dG Office Hours (10am-4 pm) according to role focus out of 5 week days.

    • Processing dG-internal "requests from the field" shared through #HarborSoul Slack channel.

    • Acting as contact point for random or spontaneous dG guests at STUDIO11 - offering coffee, WiFi-code and a smile :-)

    • Finding a replacement role-filler for individual absences or making absence transparent via pinned Slack post on #HarborSoul-channel

  • Lead Link


    smooth and elegant operations support our work thoroughly and sustainably


    • Rollenzuweisungen innerhalb des Kreises


    • Zuordnen von Partnern zu Rollen des Kreises; Überwachen der Passung; Anbieten von Feedbacks, um die Passung zu verbessern; und Neuübertragen von Rollen an andere Partner, wenn dies sinnvoll ist, um die Passung zu verbessern

    • Zuteilen der Ressourcen des Kreises zu den verschiedenen Projekten und/oder Rollen

    • Einrichten von Prioritäten und Strategien für den Kreis

    • Definieren von Kennzahlen für den Kreis

    • Strukturieren der Governance des Kreises, um seinen Purpose und seine Accountabilities zu realisieren

    • Aufheben von Einschränkungen innerhalb des Kreises gegenüber dem Super-Kreis, um seinen Purpose und seine Accountabilities zu realisieren

  • Secretary


    Betreuung und Stabilisierung der formalen Aufzeichnungen des Kreises und des Protokoll-Prozesses.


    • Alle von der Verfassung geforderten Aufzeichnungen des Kreises


    • Erfassen und Veröffentlichen der Ergebnisse der für den Kreis definierten Meetings und Verwaltung einer zusammenfassenden Sicht der aktuellen Governance, von Checklisten-Punkten und Kennzahlen des Kreises.

    • Interpretieren von Governance und Verfassung auf Anfrage

    • Planen der vom Kreis geforderten Meetings und benachrichtigen aller Kreismitglieder über die eingeplanten Zeiten und Orte

Purpose: Blog about Beyond Budgeting published
  • BB Co-Creator


    Backlog items get done


    • Selecting backlog items and executing tasks accordingly

Purpose: A healthy financial backbone for dG, ensuring liquidity at all times
  • Accounting


    Spotless books and flawless invoicing


    • Collecting all incoming invoices (scan and paper) and adding them to data base.

    • Providing relevant data for tax declaration to external tax accountant until 10th of 2nd following month

    • Reconciling bank statements once a week

    • Preparing bank transfers within the period prescribed by suppliers

    • Monitoring dispatch and payment of invoices and taking necessary actions to trigger or speed up payment

    • Introducing new core partners to dGs invoicing and expense billing processes

    • Billing participants of public events

    • Tracking all financial transactions via the double entry book keeping method

    • Preparing sales invoices with correct account ledgers and receipt copies for approval by Approver in a timely manner

    • Preparing timely bank transfer of VAT, wage labor costs and wages

    • Reconciling monthly credit card statements when provided by bank

    • Reminding credit card holders to hand in missing expenses until a provided deadline, otherwise the expenses will be booked on the appropriate clearing account

    • Introducing Project Administrator to accounting processes for project partners

    • Making monthly credit card statements available on Google Drive

    • Making monthly mobile phone bills available on Google Drive

    • Preparing payments for L2 or project partners after payment of associated invoice by the customer

    • Checking whether bills and expenses correspond to the current tax provisions and ask for correction via the person which booked the expense or the supplier himself

  • Approver


    Flawless financial transactions


    • Approval of invoices, bills, and expenses


    • Checking and approving invoices, bills, and expenses submitted to odoo regarding correct account ledger and correct current tax provisions as soon as practical or latest necessary for fiscal timelines

  • Facilitator


    Kreis-Governance und operative Praktiken im Einklang mit der Verfassung


    • Moderieren der von der Verfassung des Kreises geforderten Meetings

    • Überprüfen der Meetings und Aufzeichnungen der Sub-Kreise nach Bedarf und Erklären eines Prozessversagens, nachdem ein Verhaltensmuster erkannt wurde, das den Regeln der Verfassung widerspricht