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  • X-Link People Context

    für until March 18, 2020


    Individual Purpose Agents aligned with dG Purpose


    • Representing the dG Members in their capacity as individuals filling Roles, in relationship to each other as they work together in service of the Organizational Purpose


Populate next:land!

  • Account Orchestrating

    für J


    Account and Engagement Leads feel well-serviced


    • Scheduling regular meetings with key stakeholders of the client-organization (e.g. door-opener, leader)

    • Reflecting the ongoing transformation and co-creating possibilities (sales opportunities) for a sustainable transformation with key stakeholders of the client-organization and Engagement Lead

    • Negotiating the terms of business (including billable prep-work) and travelcost with the client and informing Engagement Lead

    • Selecting proper Engagement Lead after integrating feedback of Staffing Sparring for new and existing engagements

    • Scheduling regular meetings with all Engagement Lead of this “account” to create common ground, alignment, and a sense of direction for the overall transformation

  • Engagement Lead

    für specific projects


    Awesome management and coordination of consulting projects


    • Contacting current leads (=potential clients) on request by Staffing Sparring

    • Publishing client requests on Slack to allow for challenging by Do or Die

    • Developing cutting-edge proposals (incl. pricing in accordance with Pricing Strategy) upon request of a customer.

    • Selecting suitable Evolutionary Catalyst or Project Partners for client projects after integrating feedback of Staffing Sparring

    • Deciding the staffing of specific workshops within the project, based on transparent decision criteria

    • Contracting with the clients on an ongoing basis to align expectations & logistics and adjust agreements as engagement needs evolve, saving related documents/emails projects

    • Forecasting needed consulting resources and sharing relevant information with all Evolutionary Catalyst or external Catalysts "Project Partners" involved in the project - prior to project launch and throughout project

    • Scheduling and facilitating regular staff meetings 1) for mutual updating of project-relevant information in the particular project staff and 2) for developing/improving the quality of the consulting strategy/work in a particular consulting project 3) for learning purposes & know-how transfer

    • Storing relevant project documents and emails directly on dG Google drive preferably in Google-doc format under the respective project folder

    • Providing relevant odoo data to Project Administrator (Accounts, Projects, Sales Order Information)

    • Setting up initial project and governance structure according to policy "Large Staff project in Glassfrog"

    • Acting as by default Project Partner Relais for Project Partners invited into projects for the first time.

    • Inform Project Partner Relais Shepherd about new Project Partners and add relevant data to the project partner list.

  • Evolutionary Catalyst

    für specific projects


    Cutting - edge consultancy services with impact for the client system


    • supporting the Engagement Lead in developing client-related documents e.g. crafting offers, proposals, design, Photo protocol etc.

    • making all client related documents (e.g. offers, proposals, design, Photo protocol etc.) accessible and findable using project structure on the dG Google Drive provided by Project Administrator

    • providing and facilitating excellent consultancy services

    • reflecting regulary the quality of delivery and the relationship with clients through peer to peer reviews inside dG and/or external coaching

    • Building relationships with potential clients to acquire new project opportunities that fit to dGs purpose

    • leveraging contacts for dG initiatives

  • Holacracy Practitioner


    Holacracy practice learned and stabilized


    • Participating at holacracy implementation sessions

  • Project Administrator

    für specific projects


    sustainable and efficient project administration


    • updating Odoo with all project relevant information (i.e. creating SO-numbers, accounts, projects, workshops, etc) according to Odoo handbook

    • providing project structure on the dG Google Drive under the corresponding folder and instructing involved roles and project partners to make all project related documents (e.g. offers, proposals, design, Photo protocol etc.) accessible and findable there

    • providing Sales Order number (SO number) and terms of business like daily rate or travel cost to involved roles and project partners by end of month at the latest

    • managing expenses and invoicing for all project partners according to expense guidelines provided by Finance

    • checking and validating information in odoo before creating an invoice

    • sending invoices to clients and reminding clients to pay invoices for dG services after triggered by Approver


dwarfs and Giants is a vivid and well-known brand


Awesome and customer wowing cutting edge Next:Land programm

  • Body-Mind-Spirit-Heart Sparring


    A next:pedition program that challenges on all levels of being and development


    • Acting as sparring partner for next:pedition design and settings

  • Next:Discovery


    Next:pedition Discovery Sessions & Discovery Webinars run smoothly and with energy


    • Scheduling and staffing next:pedition Discovery Webinars/Sessions with next:guide and testimonials

    • Acting as sparring partner for next:guide in designing the Discovery Webinars/Sessions

    • Communicating promotional events like Discovery Webinars & Discovery Sessions to Brand Movement

    • Adding updates to the next:pedition info-document to support smooth information flow about Discovery Webinars & Discovery Sessions



Successful delivery of EDP

  • Lab facilitator


    Fruitful facilitation services with impact for the client system


    • Facilitating along the framework of the final design from Design Lead Self Reflection and Design lead Responsibility Lab

    • Having prep calls with self reflection participants

    • Providing feedback from lab experiences to Design Lead Resp and Design Lead Self Reflection to reflect experiences after each lab facilitation

    • Creating Google drive folder for each lab and share all relevant documents there (i.e. participants list; design used, briefings etc)

    • Supplying (developing if needed) relevant materials, flipcharts in the lab venues after coordinating with Productizer

    • Sending signed participant list to client immediately after each workshop (Lead facilitator)

  • Productizer

    für Self Reflection


    Wowing with appealing and purposeful products