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  • Creator Team: CTA & Feedback


    CTA and Feedback framework accessible for dG


    • Es sind keine Accountabilities für diese Rolle definiert.
  • Engagement Lead

    für specific projects


    Awesome management and coordination of consulting projects


    • Contacting current leads (=potential clients) on request by Staffing Sparring

    • Publishing client requests on Slack to allow for challenging by Do or Die

    • Developing cutting-edge proposals (incl. pricing in accordance with Pricing Strategy) upon request of a customer.

    • Selecting suitable Evolutionary Catalyst or Project Partners for client projects after integrating feedback of Staffing Sparring

    • Deciding the staffing of specific workshops within the project, based on transparent decision criteria

    • Contracting with the clients on an ongoing basis to align expectations & logistics and adjust agreements as engagement needs evolve, saving related documents/emails projects

    • Forecasting needed consulting resources and sharing relevant information with all Evolutionary Catalyst or external Catalysts "Project Partners" involved in the project - prior to project launch and throughout project

    • Scheduling and facilitating regular staff meetings 1) for mutual updating of project-relevant information in the particular project staff and 2) for developing/improving the quality of the consulting strategy/work in a particular consulting project 3) for learning purposes & know-how transfer

    • Storing relevant project documents and emails directly on dG Google drive preferably in Google-doc format under the respective project folder

    • Providing relevant Salesforce data to Project Administrator (Accounts, Projects, Billing Period Information)

  • Evolutionary Catalyst

    für specific projects


    Cutting - edge consultancy services with impact for the client system


    • supporting the Engagement Lead in developing client-related documents e.g. crafting offers, proposals, design, Photo protocol etc.

    • making all client related documents (e.g. offers, proposals, design, Photo protocol etc.) accessible and findable using project structure on the dG Google Drive provided by Project Administrator

    • providing and facilitating excellent consultancy services

    • reflecting regulary the quality of delivery and the relationship with clients through peer to peer reviews inside dG and/or external coaching

    • Building relationships with potential clients to acquire new project opportunities that fit to dGs purpose

    • leveraging contacts for dG initiatives

  • Holacracy Business Development


    Nicht spezifiziert


    • Contacting and speaking to potential Holacracy implementation clients

    • Informing about our upcoming public PTs and Intro WS to potential clients

    • Informing Training Wheeler and Dealer of specific group target intro workshop opportunities and expect number of participants to trigger preparation from relevant HTC roles if needbe

  • Holacracy Coach


    Exquisite Holacracy coaching skills available


    • Maintaining basic competencies in dG service delivery's virtual meetings support tools

    • Coaching client circle members on Holacracy rules and effective practice as-needed during governance and tactical meetings

    • Raising objections and helping clients integrate them whenever clients propose clearly invalid governance, and providing follow up coaching to clients

    • Facilitating virtual and in-person governance and tactical meetings

    • Summarizing key developments about client services and learnings to other Holacracy Coaches

    • Co-creating customized Holacracy practices and apps with our clients and making them available in the dG Library App.

  • Holacracy Developer

    für translation to polish


    Excellent Holacracy services through professional instruments, except for apps


    • Updating and designing our set of Holacracy methods, standards and documents regularly incl. translation of available materials

    • Providing and maintaining a cloud based library for Consulting Services Circle, except for apps

    • Driving product development for Holacracy Consulting Services, by making use of experiences of Holacracy Coach

    • Providing and maintaining an Implementation Process Improvement Backlog

    • Triggering Brand Movement for continued processing or direct publishing of produced materials

  • Holacracy Engagement Lead


    Awesome management of Holacracy Implementation Clients


    • Reporting all client billable activity in a timely manner

    • Facilitating sharing of client context and key engagement learnings among Holacracy Services delivery roles

    • Triaging on-site logistical setup issues to support the engagement, and optimizing virtual support set-ups as-needed

    • Orienting & debriefing Master Coaches and Holacracy Coaches upon their request

    • Contracting with clients on an ongoing basis to align expectations and adjust agreements as engagement needs evolve

    • Sharing the intended implementation activities with relevant roles and delivery resources prior to an engagement launch

    • Soliciting client permission to make public their story of adopting Holacracy and publishing client's current permission status to Brand Movement

    • Triggering H1 Interface to request Master Coach support

    • Filling license fee document on team share for ongoing projects by mid month

    • Scheduling and facilitating regular staff meetings 1) for mutual updating of project-relevant data in the particular project staff and 2) for developing/improving the quality of the implementation strategy/work in a particular implementation project

    • Collecting recommendations and feedback of Hola Abuzz before negotiating inhouse PCT setup (duration, participant number, location, etc.) with clients, including information about staffing resources and preferences.

    • Supporting clients in further developing their organization beyond mechanical self sufficiency, e.g. by offering guidance for development of Holacracy apps.

    • Establishing and coordinating a structured way for clients secretaries to book facilitation slots with implementation staff facilitators.

    • Offering and negotiating inhouse pcts after integrating requirements and recommendations from Trainer and Consulting Services Circle

    • Filling out the PT order form for HTC in order to trigger Training Wheeler and Dealer to coordinate all prep activities

    • Offering and negotiating tickets for upcoming public PTs to client organisations integrating requirements and recommendations from Training Wheeler and Dealer and Holacracy Trainings Circle

    • Triggering Holacracy Habits to set up and/or adjust Habit Support Program to meet client’s needs

  • Holacracy Habits


    Holacracy Habit Support Program set and running


    • Setting up Habit Support Program for Holacracy Adoption Processes when triggered by Holacracy Engagement Lead

    • Adjusting the scope of Habit Suport Program to client’s needs

Purpose: dwarfs and Giants is a vivid and well-known brand
  • Speaker

    für Poland


    Spreading dG's purpose through inspiring talks


    • Holding inspiring speeches that share dG insights and strengthen the brand of dG

    • Informing circle ahead of time about upcoming event participations worth spreading by posting event & date on #tealevents Slack channel, triggering Content & Community to publish date on dG channels and sharing live pictures/updates from the event itself (if possible)

Purpose: Transformative trainings that transmit Holacracy and catalyze the capacities it requires
  • Assistant Trainer

    für inhouse PT PL


    Contribute to transformative training experiences


    • Delivering training content to event participants at standard training offerings

    • Sharing comments and insights during modules and other activities to add value to participants' learning

    • Leveraging trainings to build up great Holacracy Trainer competences

  • Event Supplies and Operations

    für Intro WS Poland


    Flowing logistics for great training and workshop experiences


    • Arranging event-related logistics necessary to run high-quality trainings and tasters

    • Verifying receipt and accuracy of all training and workshop materials sent to a venue before the arrival of the on-site delivery team, including who received the materials and where they're stored, and communicating that to all members of the team

    • Sorting materials into complete, ordered packages after trainings, and sourcing new printings and materials when needed

    • Producing disposable materials such as training folders, handouts and Simulation print outs that Training Design specifies

    • Arranging and publishing of shipping of all training and workshop supplies to and from venue

    • Briefing the responsible role for training support on site prior to the event about all materials, specific requirements and packaging units

    • Maintaining inventory of all dG-owned durable training equipment

    • Purchasing supplies prior to trainings

  • Facilitator Coach


    Holacracy practice role-modeled during trainings


    • Facilitating tactical and governance meetings at trainings

    • Coaching participants during facilitation practice at trainings

    • Setting up the room and collect all materials (when finished) at the direction of Assistant Trainer

    • Listening to modules during the training to prepare to facilitate

    • Following the direction of any training delivery roles to support the training, including promptly directing participants to the next activity when requested

    • Playing 'the world' during simulation work time at practitioner trainings by following the guidance documented by Training Design

    • Participate in training staff reflection and debriefing sessions during the training

    • Contributing to improving the PT delivery by sharing ideas and pointing out mistakes in training materials (e.g. via a shared google document to gather improvements provided by Training Support on-site )

  • Holacracy Presenter


    Well-delivered intro workshops that invite individuals to explore Holacracy more deeply


    • Delivering intro workshops, using workshop designs created by@Training_Design

    • Tweaking template slide decks and designs to optimize delivery of each specific intro workshop and integrate learnings from delivery

    • Setting up and tearing down workshop venue; unpacking and packing workshop materials as provided by Event Supplies and Operations

    • Triaging and resolving venue-related logistical issues during public and private events

    • Greeting and hosting participants

  • Lead Coach on-site

    für inhouse PTs PL


    Flawless performance of Facilitator Coach Team at PTs


    • Orienting, guiding, and supporting coaches on-site, and leveraging their support

    • Guiding coaches through setup in allignment with Training Support on-site

    • Orienting coaches prior to the training, including sending any relevant preparation materials and answering coach questions

    • Co-coaching when needed

    • Observing coaches in simulation and training sessions, capturing observations regarding competency level and need for further development.

  • Training Support on-site

    für Intro WS Poland, inhouse PTs PL


    Trainer training and learners learning


    • Triaging and resolving venue-related tactical or logistical issues during public and private events

    • Removing distractions at trainings that limit presence and focus of participants or delivery staff

    • Setting up and tearing down training venue in alignment with Training Design

    • Greeting and hosting participants at trainings and related events

    • Verifying participant attendance against the participant list for public Holacracy workshops and trainings

    • Taking photos on-site of set-up and during the training to share with our client, capture Training practice and possibly for promotion purposes

    • Triggering Coach-Team to repack simulation materiald and repacking all materials immediately following each training according to briefing by Event Supplies and Operations and delivering them to start of transport as arranged by Training Operations

    • Going through the PT materials checklist provided by Event Supplies and Operations as materials are unpacked and distributed throughout the different PT rooms

    • Unpacking training materials as provided by Event Supplies and Operations and checking back with "Supplies, Tools & Pack List" to identify and replace missing items.

  • Training Wheeler and Dealer

    für Poland


    Inspiring Holacracy trainings and workshops scheduled, key resources staffed, prep flowing, and profitability optimized


    • Decision whether public and in-house trainings, incl. intro workshops, take place

    • Pricing for public intro workshops

    • Pricing model for public and in-house trainings


    • Defining target regions/dates/number of participants for Holacracy trainings (incl. intro workshops) and communicating these informations to relevant roles

    • Triggering Brand Movement to public and promote our public holacracy events, and to linie up all event-related logistics and manage registration of participants for public trainings

    • Triggering Holacracy events admin, Event Supplies and Operations and Facilitator Coach Hub to get prep flowing when new trainings are confirmed, or existing trainings modified

    • Optimizing pricing, discount options, and expenditures to maximize training profitability including canceling or reducing trainings as needed in order to avoid loss, including defining training budgets as needed

    • Scheduling Trainer and Lead Coach on-site with calendar and travel constraints of those role-fillers, prior to confirming and opening the training

Purpose: CTA and Feedback framework accessible for dG
  • CAT&F Co-Creator

    für Support


    Backlog items get done


    • Selecting backlog items and executing tasks accordingly

  • CAT&F Codifier

    für Support


    All gathered insights codified and accessible for dG


    • Capturing relevant outputs of creator team work in an easily accessible manner

  • CAT&F Product Owner


    Backlog filled and prioritized


    • Creating user stories and prioritizing the backlog tasks

  • Lead Link

    (Lead Link)


    CTA and Feedback framework accessible for dG


    • Rollenzuweisungen innerhalb des Kreises


    • Zuordnen von Partnern zu Rollen des Kreises; Überwachen der Passung; Anbieten von Feedbacks, um die Passung zu verbessern; und Neuübertragen von Rollen an andere Partner, wenn dies sinnvoll ist, um die Passung zu verbessern

    • Zuteilen der Ressourcen des Kreises zu den verschiedenen Projekten und/oder Rollen

    • Einrichten von Prioritäten und Strategien für den Kreis

    • Definieren von Kennzahlen für den Kreis

    • Strukturieren der Governance des Kreises, um seinen Purpose und seine Accountabilities zu realisieren

    • Aufheben von Einschränkungen innerhalb des Kreises gegenüber dem Super-Kreis, um seinen Purpose und seine Accountabilities zu realisieren