Harbor Circle

Purpose: Rewriting the future of organization. Catalyzing the evolution of wholesome organizations.
  • Accounting


    Spotless books and flawless invoicing


    • Collecting all incoming invoices (scan and paper) and adding them to data base.

    • Providing relevant data for tax declaration to external tax accountant until 10th of 2nd following month

    • Reconciling bank statements once a week

    • Preparing bank transfers within the period prescribed by suppliers

    • Monitoring dispatch and payment of invoices and taking necessary actions to trigger or speed up payment

    • Introducing new core partners to dGs invoicing and expense billing processes

    • Billing participants of public events

    • Tracking all financial transactions via the double entry book keeping method

    • Preparing sales invoices with correct account ledgers and receipt copies for approval by Approver in a timely manner

    • Preparing timely bank transfer of VAT, wage labor costs and wages

    • Reconciling monthly credit card statements when provided by bank

    • Reminding credit card holders to hand in missing expenses until a provided deadline, otherwise the expenses will be booked on the appropriate clearing account

    • Introducing Project Administrator to accounting processes for project partners

    • Making monthly credit card statements available on Google Drive

    • Making monthly mobile phone bills available on Google Drive

    • Preparing payments for L2 or project partners after payment of associated invoice by the customer

    • Checking whether bills and expenses correspond to the current tax provisions and ask for correction via the person which booked the expense or the supplier himself

  • Health & Happiness Host

    für dG internal events


    Healthy food for that foster new ways of working


    • Researching and ordering fresh, healthy catering for Campfire Days and Harbour Days, taking care of partners' specific dietary needs - if possible.

    • Maintaining a stock of brainfood, juices and snacks for workshops Studio 11.

    • Finding ways to lower environmental impact of delivered products.

    • Finding a new Partner to energize this role after filling this role for 6 months. Triggering LL GCC to assign role to new partner.

    • Informing the team and/or coworkers about leftovers that are open for consumption and throwing away old stuff (before it gets smelly or impacting other coworkers).

Purpose: Wholesome work environment for our collaboration
  • Concierge


    Guests feeling at home in Studio 11


    • Welcoming external guests, guiding them and providing them with elementary stuff (coffee, water, food, WiFi, calling a cab, providing information ...)

    • Preparing the designated spaces for welcoming guests (cleanliness, order) before guests arrive

    • Supporting evolutionary catalysts during meeting with clients by providing logistics.