The most suitable coaches for the different PT projects and well taken care of

  • Sourcing and contracting suitable coaches for the different PT projects

  • Developing the Facilitator Compensation App

  • Maintaining a list of viable Facilitator Coach candidates based on input from Trainer, Lead Coach on-site and the NPS feedback on the performance of the individual Facilitator Coachs after a PT

  • Providing information around logistical details (e.g. adress of the training location, time and location of the briefing location, etc.) and client information to coaches

  • Booking accomodation on- or off-site and assisting in travel logistics for coaches engaged for a PT

  • Checking invoices sent by external Facilitator Coaches engaged for a PT project and triggering Accounting to pay them, when correct

  • Providing a list of all booked and confirmed coaches for each event


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