Trainer training and learners learning

  • Triaging and resolving venue-related tactical or logistical issues during public and private events

  • Removing distractions at trainings that limit presence and focus of participants or delivery staff

  • Setting up and tearing down training venue in alignment with Training Design

  • Greeting and hosting participants at trainings and related events

  • Verifying participant attendance against the participant list for public Holacracy workshops and trainings

  • Taking photos on-site of set-up and during the training to share with our client, capture Training practice and possibly for promotion purposes

  • Triggering Coach-Team to repack simulation materiald and repacking all materials immediately following each training according to briefing by Event Supplies and Operations and delivering them to start of transport as arranged by Training Operations

  • Going through the PT materials checklist provided by Event Supplies and Operations as materials are unpacked and distributed throughout the different PT rooms

  • Unpacking training materials as provided by Event Supplies and Operations and checking back with "Supplies, Tools & Pack List" to identify and replace missing items.


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