A lively and mutually beneficial relationship between dG and level 2 partners

  • Scheduling regular talks w/ respective level 2 partner

  • Aligning participation of respective level 2 partner in meetings, campfire days, council days and other labs w/ relevant roles

  • Monitoring fulfillment of criteria for earning d-units and triggering additional activities, if advisable

  • Acting as Rep link for respective level 2 partner, for tensions concerning the partnership which do not reside in one of his/her roles


  • Council-Days
    L2 partners are asked to reserve these appointments, Council Chief decides about participation
    on specific dates, after hearing L2 partners and L2 Relais

    Campfire Days
    participation is high priority!
    Decision about agenda and participants rests with Firekeeper

    Harbor Days
    Circle meetings: It is to be expected, that L2 partners prioritize circle meetings accordingly and participate regularly as core circle members

    Other meetings at Harbor Days:
    L2 Partners participate in special topic meetings upon invitation from respective roles, according to their availability (since such meetings are often announced on short notice)

    Once per year the L2 partnership system and its dynamics shall be reflected by all core and L2 partners.

    Travel costs are borne by dG (spending gold policy applies).

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