dwarfs and Giants is a vivid and well-known brand

  • Rollenzuweisungen innerhalb des Kreises

  • Zuordnen von Partnern zu Rollen des Kreises; Überwachen der Passung; Anbieten von Feedbacks, um die Passung zu verbessern; und Neuübertragen von Rollen an andere Partner, wenn dies sinnvoll ist, um die Passung zu verbessern

  • Zuteilen der Ressourcen des Kreises zu den verschiedenen Projekten und/oder Rollen

  • Einrichten von Prioritäten und Strategien für den Kreis

  • Definieren von Kennzahlen für den Kreis

  • Strukturieren der Governance des Kreises, um seinen Purpose und seine Accountabilities zu realisieren

  • Aufheben von Einschränkungen innerhalb des Kreises gegenüber dem Super-Kreis, um seinen Purpose und seine Accountabilities zu realisieren


  • WHAT I NEED – before I start with a design:
    - 3 weekdays heads up before the delivery date of the digital design
    - Contact person
    - Clear project name (stays the same through all communication eg. email header)
    - For what do you need the design / what's the purpose / what should it be able to do
    - Format / dimensions (eg. plot is no format, DIN A0 is, 297x210mm is)
    - Content / text – as final als possible (clear content saves time of the design process)
    - Type of delivery file (pdf for web use, print pdf, powerpoint, ...)
    - Latest possible delivery date
    - Delivery channel (email, slack, google-drive-link)

    WHAT I NEED – during the design process:
    - How do I reach you (channel)
    - Feedback / changes
    - Proofreading (I am not copy-editing, if you need it there is the role Editor for that)
    - Final approval
    - Destination of the final file (send to you, send to other dG member, send to the printer...)

    - I create graphic designs on base of your briefings, your content and our corporate identity
    - I send you the drafts and make changes until we both are happy with the result
    - I create final files for printing / screen / ....

    - Producing text
    - Copy-editing
    - Communication with clients

    Brand Movement inquiry details

    Contact person:
    Project name:
    Purpose of design/project:
    Content source:
    Delivery format:
    Due date:
    Delivery channel:

  • -) Keeping the dG audience on external digital channels up to date about projects, clients, events, activities as well as challenges and opportunities of next:land - by regularly publishing content on relevant channels (triggering Content Creator and/or Consulting Services Circle Wizzard if necessary)
    -) Motivating existing dG fans and followers to join the conversation about next:land by enabling space for their own experiences (e.g. Q&A), feedback loops for dG projects (e.g. Client survey), exciting insights (e.g. Facebook Live) etc.
    -) Researching and targeting new potential audiences for dG goals on various channels with both organic and promoted formats (e.g. Facebook Ads)
    -) Planning, creating, managing, analyzing and optimizing digital campaigns for specific topics and projects (like Hola events in synchronization with Hola participant interface)
    -) Setting up and administering multichannel tool to coordinate, distribute, and analyze social media activity
    -) Analyze metrics on various digital channels and harvest personal feedback by dGs, clients and external stakeholders to create a digital space enabling fruitful discussions about next:land

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