Awesome management of Holacracy Implementation Clients

  • Reporting all client billable activity in a timely manner

  • Sharing client context and key engagement learnings among Holacracy delivery roles

  • Triaging on-site logistical setup issues to support the engagement and optimizing virtual support set-ups as-needed

  • Orienting & debriefing Master Coaches and Holacracy Coaches upon their request

  • Contracting with clients on an ongoing basis to align expectations and adjust agreements as engagement needs evolve

  • Sharing the intended implementation activities with relevant roles and delivery resources prior to an engagement launch

  • Soliciting client permission to make public their story of adopting Holacracy and publishing client's current permission status to Brand Movement

  • Triggering H1 Interface to request Master Coach support

  • Filling out license related documents for ongoing projects by the end of each month (Client Disclosure Status, Licensing Fee Tracking and Client Engagements)

  • Scheduling and facilitating regular staff meetings 1) for mutual updating of project-relevant data in the particular project staff and 2) for developing/improving the quality of the implementation strategy/work in a particular implementation project

  • Collecting recommendations and feedback of Hola Abuzz before negotiating inhouse PT setup (duration, participant number, location, etc.) with clients, including information about staffing resources and preferences.

  • Supporting clients in further developing their organization beyond mechanical self sufficiency, e.g. by offering guidance for development of Holacracy apps.

  • Establishing and coordinating a structured way for clients secretaries to book facilitation slots with implementation staff facilitators.

  • Offering and negotiating inhouse PTs after integrating requirements and recommendations from Trainer and Consulting Services Circle

  • Filling out the PT order form for Holacracy Trainings Circle in order to trigger Training Wheeler and Dealer to coordinate all prep activities

  • Offering and negotiating tickets for upcoming public PTs to client organisations integrating requirements and recommendations from Training Wheeler and Dealer and Holacracy Trainings Circle

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