liquid (€) organization

  • Providing overview of (planned and effected) payments on a regular basis, based on data from other roles.

  • Selecting, contracting and taking care of suppliers in finance area

  • Processing incoming and outgoing invoices and payments

  • Evaluating and defining the amount of profit to be distributed as PS-units among all members of the organization

  • Calculating profit distribution based on according algorithm set by Profit Distribution Architect

  • Withholding the payment of an appropriate amount of D-units to ensure a sustainable cash-flow of the organization

  • Serving on the Tier Assignment Committee and People and Partner Committee if required and to the extent defined by GC policy

  • Processing individual partners' requests for upfront payment of d-units considering current liquidity and forecast of dG revenues.

  • Providing transparency for unit transactions for all partners.

  • Providing a standard for expense tracking and invoicing of partners


  • AJ ... Andreas Wecker
    AW ... Anna Wohlesser
    BI ... Bernhard Ibertsberger
    BR ... Björn Rabethge
    CV ... Corinna Volonte-Van Gils
    DG ... Deniz Guska
    EB ... Ewa Bocian
    FT ... Florian Teutsch
    GT ... Georg Tarne
    GM ... Gerald Mitterer
    GH ... Gerhard Hochreiter
    GK ... Gregor Karlinger
    HS ... Hanna Spegel
    LS ... Lucas Sorge
    MG ... Marion Gartner
    ML ... Matthias Lang
    ME ... Monica Expositor Blasco
    MK ... Monika Kletzmayr
    SB ... Sascha Bernardis
    SF ... Stefan Faatz-Ferstl
    ST ... Stefanie Dippelreiter
    SD ... Steffen Frischat
    VS ... Valerie Schneglberger

  • Payments from our bank account will be made every Friday (if holiday, then on next work day).
    Requests for transactions shall be sent to Accounting until Thursday 5 pm.
    Urgent payments can be arranged in between pay days, please provide sufficient information to Accounting AND Finance.