Wholesome design and agenda for Harbor Days

  • Agenda for Harbor Days

  • Designing a wholesome flow and agenda of the Harbor days

  • Facilitating and hosting the overall Harbor Days ensuring continuity and cohesion

  • Integrating the needs of all relevant stakeholders of the Harbor Days

  • Communicating agenda and decisions in a timely manner

  • Defining and assigning harbour day specific responsibilities


  • Check-in and Check-out
    Purpose: Well tuned start and end of Harbor Days
    *Building Hypothesis on what dG tribe needs and designing Check-ins and Check-outs accordingly

    Space and Beauty
    Purpose: Beautiful and cared for Harbor during Harbor Days
    *Creating a beautiful middle
    *Making sure the Harbor is clean and cared for during Harbor Day

    Session Prep
    Purpose: All sessions held at Harbor Day have right equipment and room set up
    *Supporting Session Holders in creating room set-up for all sessions
    *Organizing and connecting the technical equipment if needed

    Spreadsheet overview of past events