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  • Mother Earth’s Calling


    Perspective of dG’s possible contribution to the world well represented in strategic decisions


    • Gathering data / building hypotheses / sensing into about what the world might need & want from dG

    • Representing an outside perspective about what dG might contribute to the wellbeing of the world in strategic decisions


smooth operations in the areas of travel, technical and material infrastructure, legal topics and back office activities that support the work of dG members thoroughly and sustainably

being a healthy financial backbone for dG, ensuring liquidity at all times

  • Accounting

    für for Backup


    Spotless books as well as flawless invoicing and financial transactions


    • Approval of invoices, bills, and expenses


    • Reconciling bank statements once a week

    • Introducing all new partners to dGs invoicing and expense billing processes

    • Tracking all financial transactions via the double entry book keeping method

    • Preparing timely bank transfers (e.g. VAT, wage labor costs, wages, incoming invoices)

    • Preparing payments for project partners after payment of associated invoice by the customer

    • Supporting other roles in resolving non-standard difficulties with payment providers or bank

    • Collecting invoices for accruals and deferrals for quarterly and yearly closings

    • Checking and approving invoices, bills, and expenses submitted to odoo regarding correct account ledger and correct current tax provisions as soon as practical or latest necessary for fiscal timelines

    • Informing a partner when s/he made spendings that were not in accordance with the "Spending Our Gold"-Policy and ask them to post the spendings in the channel for transparancy

    • Informing General Company Circle about spendings that are not in accordance with the "Spending our Gold"-Policy

    • Issuing invoices for educational costs for core-partners

    • Invoicing core partners for surplus telephone costs provided by Telephone Provider

    • Billing participants of public events based on the information by respective event role

    • Issuing invoices to co-tenant regarding costs and investments for Studio 11

  • Accounting Preparation


    Efficient preparation for our accounting and invoicing


    • Collecting all expenses and bills (scan and paper)

    • Clarifying accounting questions with the role Accounting accounting and/or Finance

    • Informing core-, and project partners if policies or guidelines have changed

    • Defining submission guidelines for expenses and bills

    • Entering all necessary information into odoo and submitting expenses for approval

    • Clarifying upcoming questions with the origin of the expense

    • Checking relevant e-mail accounts regularly, at least twice a week

    • Reconciling monthly credit card statements when provided by bank

    • Reminding credit card holders to hand in missing expenses until a provided deadline, otherwise the expenses will be booked on the appropriate clearing account

    • Making monthly credit card statements available on Google Drive

    • Making monthly mobile phone bills available on Google Drive

    • Checking whether bills and expenses correspond to the current tax provisions and ask for correction via the person which booked the expense or the supplier

  • Facilitator


    Kreis-Governance und operative Praktiken im Einklang mit der Verfassung


    • Moderieren der von der Verfassung des Kreises geforderten Meetings

    • Überprüfen der Meetings und Aufzeichnungen der Sub-Kreise nach Bedarf und Erklären eines Prozessversagens, nachdem ein Verhaltensmuster erkannt wurde, das den Regeln der Verfassung widerspricht

  • Plant Lover


    Care for the Wellbeing of our harbour plants


    • water all harbour plants regularly

    • love and care for them <3

  • Telephone Provider


    connecting core partners to effectively communicate via phones with each other & the world


  • dG postal

    für office@dwarfsandgiants.org


    swift responses


    • Frequently checking the mail account "office@dwarfsandgiants.org"

    • Immediately forwarding incoming mails to relevant roles/circles/channels

    • Collecting, opening and checking letters, giving notice to relevant roles/persons if necessary

    • Taking care of substitution in case of absences of several days' duration

    • Mailing of messages (letters, parcels)

    • Answering new email-requests by potential clients with a short, standardized response